How it all got started

About the Creator and how he got the company going

Reed Hastings and the company

Reed didn't just start on his own and out of nowhere. he had some help from his friend who is Marc Randolph. The way he got the idea of Netflix is when he had a late fee for Apollo 13. He had also misplaced the cassette. He thought it was all his fault. But later on he found out that you could pay 30 or 40 dollars a month to work out as little or as much you want.

CEO and Co-Founder

where it started and when it started

The headquarters of Netflix is in Los Gatos, California. The Netflix company started in 1998 and were just selling DVD's to many places like Austria, New Zealand, South America and others all over the world.
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How it started to move on

Then later on it stopped sending DVDs and made a website for computers, apps for Phones also apps for systems.You could also watch as many movies you wanted to watch. You could watch movies any day and any time because it would not cost anything to watch some of the movies.
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