2017-18 MOMS Membership Information

Holy Spirit Parish at Geist

About MOMS

The Ministry of Mothers Sharing (MOMS) is a ministry for mothers at Holy Spirit to share their faith stories, experiences and traditions with other moms. Our Vision is to be a faith-filled ministry supporting and serving one another and our community with love, friendship, compassion, and laughter on our journey of motherhood.

Welcome to MOMS!

We're so happy that you are here. You'll find information and links on this page to help you connect with our ministry at Holy Spirit Parish at Geist Catholic Church. If at any time you have any questions, please let us know! We're here to help! There's a place in our circle of moms just for you.

With love,

Your MOMS Facilitators

Sarah, Heather and Jen

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What to Expect at a MOMS meeting

Our ministry is open to women with children of ALL ages. We have veteran mamas and brand new moms, and so much to share and learn from one another as we grow in faith!

Meetings start with an opening prayer and introductions, followed by a discussion on various topics related to our motherhood and our faith. Our time together wraps up with prayer intentions and a closing prayer. Attendance is not required every week to be a part of MOMs – just come when you are able.

Please contact us at hspmoms@gmail.com if you have any questions before you attend your first meeting!

MOMS on Thursday Mornings
9:45 to 11:15 am
Religious Ed Gathering Space

MOMS on Thursday Evenings
7:15 to 8:45 pm
Religious Ed Gathering Space

Moms on Sunday Evenings

(for moms of at least one Jr. High or HS age child)

6:15-7:30 pm

PLC Conference Room

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Spiritual Growth

At our meetings, we'll discuss a topic relevant to our motherhood and living as women of faith. Here is a sample of a devotion from one of our meetings. This year, we're also excited to be discussing the book Getting Past Perfect. We'll have a set of books for the group that stays at MOMS, or you are welcome to purchase your own copy. Each semester we bring in guest speakers from our parish, including the priests, parish staff, Stephen Ministers and others who enrich us with their faith and wisdom. We will also pray the Rosary together several times a year, walk the Stations of the Cross, and have special activities led by our Prayer Facilitator, Ashley, and strengthen ourselves with our Mind/Body/Soul Facilitator, Molly.

Our goal is for you to leave each meeting refreshed with something to encourage you in your vocation of motherhood in the week ahead. One of the most exciting things for us as your facilitators is to see how the topics we discuss bear fruit in your lives long after the meeting has ended, and to see the friendships you make here grow and bloom. Strengthening and encouraging mothers has a ripple effect, and we love being a part of it.

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Your leadership team!

Front Row: Heather, Sarah, Dawn and Jen

Top Row: Michelle, Chrissy, Shannon, Ashley and Erin

MOMS Leadership 2017-18

Facilitators: Sarah Brovold (Thursday morning), Jen Zink (Thursday evening) and Heather Jones (Sunday evening)

Membership: Chrissy Pearson

Finance: Dawn Underwood and Shannon Hughes

Outreach: Michelle Quagliaroli and Erin Leonard

Mind/Body/Soul Facilitator: Molly Wowk

Noah's Place and Prayer Facilitator: Ashley Searcy

Meals on Wheels: Kelly Butler

Thank you to our leadership team for all of the time they put into making this ministry so special. If you would also like to lend your talents and energies to our ministry leadership, please let us know!

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We are here to serve one another, to love each other and grow in faith as a community of women. Our favorite part of MOMS is when someone says, "Me, too!". We believe community is built through serving side-by-side, serving each other, reading the Word together, praying together and sharing our stories with one another. Some ways that you can join us in community include coming to our Thursday meetings, participating in our service projects, being active in our private facebook group and serving as a prayer partner to another mom. We believe that in community, we can grow in faith together and share the light of God's love with the world.

"A mosaic consists of thousands of little stones. Some are blue, some are green, some are yellow, some are gold. When we bring our faces close to the mosaic, we can admire the beauty of each stone. But as we step back from it, we can see that all these little stones reveal to us a beautiful picture, telling a story none of these stones can tell by itself.

That is what our life in community is about. Each of us is like a little stone, but together we reveal the face of God to the world. Nobody can say: "I make God visible." But others who see us together can say: "They make God visible." Community is where humility and glory touch."- Henri J.M. Nouwen

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About our new Sunday evening group!

As a ministry, it has been a goal of ours to live our vision of ministering to the spiritual needs of women in ALL stages of parenting. Our Thursday morning meetings have been a staple on our parish for decades, and these meetings continue to nurture so many women, particularly in the early years of our vocation as mothers. Five years ago, a few of our moms had a vision to expand our ministry and the evening MOMS meetings were introduced to give an option to working moms (or moms who just want to get out in the evening kid-free!) to have the community and spiritual growth of MOMS. Even though we offer separate meetings, we are one ministry with one vision: to be a faith-filled ministry supporting and serving one another and our community with love, friendship, compassion, and laughter on our journey of motherhood.

We feel good about the many spiritual needs that have been met through our ministry, but we've also seen that the need is great for moms of older kiddos (Junior High and High School age) to have a meeting option to fit their needs and their schedules. As our children grow, the nature and complexity of their needs change. Mothers need support in their vocation just as much as they did in the early years, but often the support and fellowship falls away as children grow older and schedules get busier. We're excited to let you all know that Heather Jones has SEEN that need, she feels that need and she has offered to facilitate a THIRD moms meeting option specifically targeted for moms who have at least one junior high or high school age child.

Heather will be offering these meetings twice a month as an opportunity to build community and support one another in this holy work of motherhood. We're so excited for all of the blessings this new part of our ministry will bring!!

Sunday Evening Mom's Ministry:
All meetings 6:15- 7:30 in the PLC conference room
September 10th & 24th
October 8th & 22nd
November 5th & 19th
December 3rd & 17th

General schedule for the year

The MOMS year runs from September through August, following the HSE Schools Calendar. Here's a general overview of what we'll do throughout the year!

August: Parish Picnic, open registration, All MOMS Kickoff meeting 8/27

September: Regular Thursday meetings begin and run through May

October: Ladies' craft night- Rosary Making

November: Thanksgiving Service Project

December: Adopt-a-Family Project, Gift Wrapping Party and Brunch Pitch in

January: All MOMS New Year's Recharge Meeting (Sunday, 1/7/18 2pm)

February: MOMS Saturday Morning of Reflection Retreat (Saturday 2/3/18 8-12)

March: Operation Easter Egg Service Project* (Sunday 3/11/18 12-2)

April: Easter!

May: Rosary, End of Year craft and brunch

June: Summer Kickoff family gathering*, Thursday playdates at HSG playground

July: Thursday Playdates, VBS

*All family activities

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Noah's Place

Child care is available at our morning meetings to make our ministry accessible to moms with young children at home. We have two people in Noah's Place at all times: one paid sitter and then we rotate taking care of each other’s children as a way to minister to one another and keep costs reasonable. There is no Noah’s place at the evening meetings, however, babies under 1 are welcome to come to the evening meeting with mom. If you would like to bring your children to our morning meetings, see information here.

Online Safe Environment Training


If you have a child in Noah's Place, please complete this online training through the diocese. Let us know when you have completed the training! Thank you in advance for helping us be compliant with this regulation!

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Meals on Wheels

Would you like to be a part of our Meals On Wheels ministry? You can even take your kids along. It's an easy, rewarding, charitable way to help out our community. Kelly Butler coordinates our monthly volunteer commitment and would be happy to train anyone who missed our initial training with Meals on Wheels. Just let Kelly know if you would like to help!! We are still in need of drivers for upcoming dates!
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Prayer Partners

Ashley S. will be coordinating our prayer partner ministry again this year. We're so excited for all of the ideas Ashley has to offer and grateful for all of the blessings this brought last year! We'll be partnering interested mamas for a semester-long commitment to check in and pray for one another's intentions. This will be open to all registered moms, even those who cannot regularly attend meetings. We hope that it will serve to strengthen bonds, allow you to connect with new friends, and grow in your prayer life. Look for registration in September and January!
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Prayer and Pilates

Several times each semester, our Mind/Body/Soul facilitator, Molly, will lead us in some relaxing and strengthening exercises and a devotion focused on our spiritual growth and connection. We all look forward to this time as Molly enriches us by being a wonderful instructor and also a gentle and thoughtful woman of faith.

Please see note from Molly below about her background and what she brings to her Prayer and Pilates meetings!

I received my Pilates Certification through the Pilates Center of Cincinnati in 1999. I taught there for several years before Steve & I moved to Austin, TX. In Austin, I led group Pilates Mat & Reformer Classes, as well as a full schedule of private clients. Since having babies & moving back to the mid-west (first Columbus, OH & now Indy) I have taught sporadically at a few small Pilates/Yoga Studios and also to my friends & moms groups.

I LOVE teaching & I love teaching our wonderful group of moms here!! My favorite thing about Pilates - and I try to bring this to my classes - is that the movements & body awareness principles can be applied to any other aspect of our days. Pilates principles are not just for the gym! I try to make my classes for everyone - I will provide modifications for those managing an injury, pregnancy, recently post-partum or anything else going on in your body! And I will give advanced variations for those ready to push a little further:) If you've taken my classes before, you know that one of my favorite quotes is "Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it". So, whatever life-stage you are in, whatever you are going through physically, needing a spiritual refill....do yourself a favor & come to one of my classes with the MOMS. Dress comfortably, bring a yoga mat or large towel, a bottle of water and an open heart. Pilates is done barefoot!

Also, follow or join Molly on Pinterest as we grow in fitness and in faith.

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