The Donor

By: Torrian & Elijah


"I'm a donor and I don't know what to design?" There are three things to design. the three thing are playgrounds, skate park, and theater.


You can design a playground because kids love to play all day. they can have more energy. the thing is that you have to make it safer so they won't get hurt


You can design a theater because a lot of people like to watch movies. the good thing is people near it can go there so they won't go around town to look for one.


you can design a skate park because a lot of teenage boys like to have skate parks in the town and city. some people like to ride a skateboard to the big news.


I completed three things that you can design. You can build a playground for kids to play in. a skate park that can skate in for teens. Last a theater for people to be entertained.
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