Soar 2015 recap

Team SOS - anchored in Hope!

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Special Edition - Soar 2015 update and recap

If you are receiving this newsletter, you are part of Team SOS. You are also most likely part of a few other teams that you work closely with and you have a mentor that leads and guides you. And this is along with a multitude of other people that are rooting for you and want to see you lead the life you have dreamed of.
If you are unsure who your mentor is, or have little contact and would like to connect with a larger group (team pages go all the way up your upline and they all share great info, ideas and support), please reach out and we can help you find the best way to get you connected at the level that you prefer.
In this newsletter - there is a TON of info - you will start seeing it in the HOOT and in your emails. Be on the lookout in your back office for FAQ's to answer more of your questions. Please reach out to your mentor with other questions and ideas. We'd love to hear them all!

Leaders in your upline mentor community are:
Heidi Russell - Executive Director and Direct to Corporate (DTC)
Michelle Freatman - Senior Director
Kim Parsons - Director
Libby Johnson - Director
Jill Snowden - Director
Francesca Pappagallo - Director
and your Senior Team Leaders:

Michelle McCain

Leann Caballero

April Rodgers
Erin Samaniego

Jeanette Descisciolo

Mary Villanueve
Stephanie Ray

Cindi Bast

Laura Petreyko

Katricia Padel

Christina Robertson

announcements from SOAR 2015

Origami Owl had over 41,000 designers join in in 2014. This is only 0.5% of the US population. We have plenty of room to grow in 2015 and the Nest plans to help us achieve this goal. Don't accept the suggestion that we are saturated. It's simply untrue!

The special business package- Holly Jolly Box of Happy showed 37% growth in sponsoring. Many of those who joined during HJBH were reached out to directly from the nest. The nest plans to continue this with new designers in the future.

We had 9056 Promote ups, there were 4% of lapsed designers who were engaged via special promotions in December.
over 300 qualified for the incentive trip to MAUI. Our team had ONE person qualify. Congratulations to CINDI BAST for working her tail off and winning this amazing incentive trip.

ALL DESIGNERS (paid as title) ELIGIBLE for SOAR TO SUCCESS no matter when you joined!

BIGGEST news of the new year! Details will be in this weeks HOOT -
Starting Jan 19th - no matter when you began your journey with Origami Owl, you will be able to relaunch your business and earn Soar To Success rewards to drive your business.

What does this mean??
It means that regardless of your previous speed, success, shortcomings or schedule - NOW you can relaunch your business and start fresh while earning display and business tools!!!
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Madi Butcher: An Owlette's Journey

This is Madi - watch her story to see how being an owlette can really make a difference in the life of a teen, her friends and her family. This is an excellent clip to show at an opportunity meeting or in a message / email to a friend that is considering joining the journey with her mom or dad.

~NEW IN 2015~

New in 2015

Some of the Nest goals and commitments to us are:

1--Mid Level Incentive Trip to Naples, FL- Reach for the Beach.

If you’re a Paid-As a Senior Team Leader or above, then the Reach for the Beach Incentive Trip is for you!

It’s an entire weekend of learning, leadership, and of course, {love}—plus some sun, sand and sensational views! It’s gonna be the best classroom ever!

The Reach for the Beach Incentive Trip is an opportunity for you to learn how to grow your team and expand your business. You’ve already achieved success, and we want to help you fly even higher, so we’ve created this experience just for you.


May 15-18, 2015


Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club in Naples, Florida


All Designers Paid-As Senior Team Leader and above


Any Team Leader who promotes up during the qualification period


  • Maintain your highest Paid-As Level from the past three months (September-November), for three out of the next four months (December-March)
  • Earn a minimum of 4,000 Personal Volume (PV) over the four-month incentive period
  • Sponsor two new, qualified Designers during the incentive period (December 1, 2014 through March 31, 2015)
  • Newly Sponsored Designers must have 500 PV during the same incentive period
  • Attend SOAR in January to earn your training credit or earn training credit online…details to follow in January

For more information on this fantastic incentive, click here for the official rules and FAQs.

The Reach for the Beach Incentive Trip is a great goal to include on your list of New Year’s resolutions. You can do it!

2--Business Materials/Programs (see back office for full details)

*Say Hello video to use with potential designers

*Red Stamp app

*30 new training courses

*Weekly best practices videos

*New Director Academy

3-More to come in 2015

* Attract new designer to the business

*Make Jewelry bars more productive

*Support and train current and potential leaders

*Designer requirements to remain active resumes for January to $199 pv previous six months and will increase to $250 in March.

*Minimum Jewelry Bar $250

*Updated Hostess Rewards Program- Coming soon