Bearcat Brief

November 30, 2018

Notes from Niki

At our PLC training this week, our consultant, Madonna Pund, made it a point to come by and share with our table how much she enjoyed her visit a few weeks ago. She said that it was not often that she missed her job as a Middle School principal, but our kids made her miss it. She was impressed by their enthusiasm for learning, how respectful they were, and how well we took care of our kids and our building. It is easy for me to get mired down by all of the things that we can do better and I forget to appreciate what great kids we have and the dedication, professionalism, and expertise of our staff. Thank you for all you do on a daily basis for this community by caring for and educating its children.

The RTI committee met recently and talked about how interventions were going. I think the consensus was that they are going well and kids are making progress, but there is frustration with the progress monitoring we have access to. Some students will benefit from staying put in their intervention, while others will need to move out or into a different intervention. I am going to push our PLC groups back one week (that is reflected on the calendar below) so we can go through some of the NWEA numbers and MAP data as a group and start giving input on what kids need. We will further those discussions and make RTI placement changes on January 2 at 2:00. I know this is a work day, but we all have a stake in RTI- not just those that are teaching intervention groups, and there is very little sustained time when we can all be together. Grades are due at noon, this will still give you a little time to prepare for seeing kids on Thursday.

We will probably do some team building and maybe some reminder PBIS lessons during the Bearcat Time slot on the first couple of days back and then resume interventions on the next Monday.

Extraordinary Funding

The district has committed the $10,000 donated by People's Savings Bank (through the Bearcat Spirit Credit/Debit Cards) to STEM. Cheryl, Maribeth and Kim went to MoreNet for training and have some ideas. If anyone else does, please send me an email with a description of the tool, what it will/can be used for and the cost. I will compile a list and start ordering!

Professional Reading/ Resources:

Upcoming Events


December 3- 7th Grade Skype with author, Gordon Korman (Dismiss students to the library at 10:20 a.m.; they will be back to class after Bearcat Time)

December 4- 7/8 Grade Boys Basketball @ St. James, 5:30

December 5- 7/8 Grade PLC Meeting, 7:15 a.m.

December 5- Student Council, 3:15-5:00

December 10- 5/6 Grade PLC Meetings

December 10- 7/8 Grade Boys Basketball @ Montgomery County, 5:30

December 11- 7/8 Grade Boys Basketball vs. Washington, 5:30

Book- Phil, Clock- Beth, Gate- Missy, Concessions- Emmons

December 12- 7/8 Grade PLC Meeting, 7:15 a.m.

December 13- 7/8 Grade Boys Basketball vs. Pacific, 5:30

Book- Crystal, Clock- Beth, Gate- Tara, Concessions- Alf

December 13- Board of Education Meeting, 6:00

December 14- Faculty Lunch

December 15- Blue and White Night Grants Due to Central Office (Please turn in to Niki by 12/14 at 3:00)

December 17- PLC Training @Jefferson City

December 18- MS Faculty Meeting, 7:30 a.m.

December 20- Incentive Day, (SOM Assembly at end of day?)


January 1- Happy New Year- no school

January 2- Work Day

January 2- Mentor/Protege Meeting, 7:30 a.m.

January 2- Grades Due, noon

January 2- PLC Leadership Committee meeting, 1:00

January 2- Faculty Meeting at 2:00 for new BCT Placements (new addition)

January 3- Second Semester Begins

January 3- 7/8 Boys Basketball @Sullivan MS, 5:30 p.m.

January 4- 7th and 8th-Grade Boys Basketball @St. Clair, 12:30 p.m. (Changed)

January 7- 5th and 6th Grade PLC Meeting

January 9- 7/8 Grade PLC, 7:15 a.m.

January 9- MS Student Council Meeting. 3:15-5:00 p.m.

January 10- 7th and 8th-Grade Boys Basketball vs. Union, 5:30 p.m

January 10- Board of Education Meeting, 6:00 p.m.