Collins & Co. Room 204

Week Twenty-Nine (April 6-10)


We hope you had a restful, enjoyable, and safe spring break. Thank you for taking the time to review your student's report cards with them before returning the envelopes. We are still looking for a few of the self reflection cards. (Red, Yellow, and Green colored boxes.) If you find these at home, please return them with your student next week.

There is a lot to come in this final stretch of 5th grade. Please help your student stay focused on the academics as well as the fun things on our calendar!

Permission slips went home today for our Civil War field trip. Please return them as soon as possible.

Ms. Collins and Mrs. Cucco


We've begun Chapter 13: Triangles.

This week we focused on classification of triangles. The students discovered that they can classify triangles in two different ways, by their sides as well as their angles. We participated in hands-on activities, small groups, and watched videos on triangles. The students are becoming more confident each day.

We are breaking Chapter 13 up into two tests. Our first test will be at the end of next week. All the resources that we do in class are available on our classroom website as well as Think Central. Students can always practice more at home!

Math Interventionists Webpage for Helpful Links

This website was created as a resource for you at home to go to look for ideas to help your students.

Think Central- Math in Focus Link

Here you can find the virtual text book, workbook pages, and online tutorials. The log in information is on the first page of your students assignment notebook. Find more information on our classroom website by clicking the "Math in Focus" link.


The Civil War is brewing. This week we read about several of the causes as well as the events that are leading up to the Civil War. We practiced Close Reading to look for more details and gain background knowledge about the war. We primarily focused on the Compromise of 1820 (Missouri Compromise), The Compromise of 1850, and the differences between the North and the South.

Social Studies- Civil War Simulation

Our classroom Civil War has begun! Your students have been assigned to either the North or the South and given a field identity. They completed several activities to work on building team moral and get their side set up. Check out our pictures and new classroom setup!

Moving forward we will study a year each week. Next week the war begins in 1861!

Ask your Student about:

  • Civil War simulation
  • Building our team flags
  • The Pacer
  • Musical rehearsals
  • Spirit Lunch
  • Roses and Thorns

Things to come:

  • April 16th: Half Day: Noon Dismissal
  • April 21st: School Musical Performance
  • April 22nd: Musical Evening Performance
  • April 23rd: Author Visit
  • April 23rd: Field Trip to Covenant Village- Musical
  • April 24th: Civil War Field Trip