August News & July Woo Hoos!

You guys are FABULOUS. I'm SO proud!

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Way to DREAM it and BE it ladies!

July overall sales:

Team Sales: $10,735 (June- $13,150)

Total Parties: 23 (June- 29)

Total Recruits: 2 (Welcome Jina Mooneyham and Brandy Lawing!!!)


Sara Ramseur is a Senior Consultant!

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Since she started in June of 2013 Sara has been driven and dedicated. As of now Sara has four recruits (two of which are qualified) and five ladies total on her team! She is rockin' it out! Be on the look out... her next stop is DIRECTOR! :) I'm SO proud of you!

July TOP Sellers

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* Sara Ramseur - $2,231 *

$2000+ - WAY TO GO!!!

Sara Ramseur - $2,231

$1000+ Wooooo!

Lindsey Lawhon - $1,772

Lorie Fox - $1,055

Catie Kale - $1,017

Colleen Trusdle - $1,002

Over $200!

Kimberley Robinson - $425

Sara Phillips - $420

Ashley Vuncannon - $402

Kirsten Hodges - $398

Brandy Lawing - $339

Kristin Anderson - $318

Carolyn Zimmerman - $275

Lisa "Roxy" Galloway - $263

Brittney Bame - $256


Just last month we have added TWO ladies to our team! Two of us have taken the time to share the opportunity with others. Remember, Thirty One is an opportunity. Think of how it is a blessing in your life, and be willing to share that blessing with others. When we have that mind-frame SHIFT we are more willing to share and inadvertently attract more ladies!

StartSwell Earners...

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Way to get your businesses started off right!

Lisa Galloway - earned level 1 in June

Colleen Trusdle - earned level 1 in July

Kirsten Hodges - earned level 1 in July

Kristen Anderson - earned level 3 in July

Lorie Fox - earned levels 3 & 4 (level 4 in July!)

Carolyn Zimmerman - earned ALL four LEVELS (level 4 in July!)

***Statistics show that consultants who earn all four levels are 8 times as likely to go into leadership! Way to take the first step to being on your way Carolyn!***

How to talk to ladies in public about Thirty-One:

So we have all been there... you're out in public and you spot her - the cute lady walking in front of you with the fabulous Thirty-One bag. So you obviously want to connect with her... but what do you say? If I had to guess - most of you would say - "Hey, cute bag!" Or "I love that - is that Thirty-One?" Because that was what I said prior to hearing this at conference... but once I heard this I.LOVE.IT. The presenter said that when you lead with either of those statements you aren't really being authentic - because really - if you ask "is that Thirty-One" already knowing it is - you are being fake. So let's try this:

I am out and have SPOTTED the fabulous lady I want to connect with.

Me: Hi! I love your bag - are you a Thirty-One consultant?

(With this you have opened the door for her to say yes if she is... and if she says no...)

Her: No. I'm not...

Me: Oh! Well who is your consultant? I am one in the area and chances are I know her!

(Here she will tell you one of two things - she will tell you her consultants' name - in which case you know she has one and all is well but the communication was still authentic OR she will NOT have one - whether she got it as a gift or went to a party but doesn't know the girl, etc... and THEN you can give her your mini catalog with your card- because I know you are ALL carrying these!!! Right Ladies?!) I typically write on my mini catalogs some sort of coupon good only with me. An example would be "10% off your next order with me. Good until 10/15/14."

Either way you have opened the door for authentic, REAL communication. Women are RELATIONAL. They don't like to feel like your interaction with them is TRANSACTIONAL. :) Food for thought.

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WELCOME to TEAM K.A.L.E. Ladies!!!

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Conference was FABULOUS! But don't take it from me... here are some words from some of our ladies who invested in their business and decided to come with us! Can't wait for even more of you to come next year!

"Attending conference was amazing! Not only did I reconnect with Catie, but it was the first time I'd met everyone else on our team. We had fun and learned a ton! I'm even more excited to stay connected now with my new friends!" - Michelle Harvey

"Conference was an ahhhhmazing experience! It was great to hear from fellow Thirty-One sisters how their business has blessed their lives and family. I also enjoyed all of the quality time I was able to spend with all the wonderful ladies on our team and begin to build relationships with everyone! I also got my first recruit/team member while at conference which made it even more awesome! I was truly blessed and cant wait for Conference 2015!" - Amanda Jones

Rising Stars Program!

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Lindsey and I are SO excited to be starting a new group this month called *Rising Stars*. Be on the lookout for an email from Lindsey or myself inviting some of you to join us.

Who: Ladies who are passionate and wanting to grow their business and their paychecks!

What: Rising Stars is a six week training series that will take your business to the next level. Each week you will be expected to call into a one hour live phone call in addition to completing a small amount of homework each week. The homework should take no longer than one hour and you will have until the next call to complete it. Over 90% of the ladies who have completed this training grew their teams after completion!

When: Wednesday nights at 9:00pm EST beginning on Wednesday, August 20th!

Where: From the comfort of your PJs in your home

Why: I look forward to getting to know all of you better and to helping you achieve your dreams. Thirty-One has changed my life in many ways and I would love the opportunity to help you experience the same joys that I have had.


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On August 1, 2011 I made the decision to "give Thirty-One a try"... and now, three years later I am so thankful that I did. In the time I have been with Thirty-One I have been nothing but blessed. This is a company that stands firm in it's core values.... they Celebrate, Encourage, and Reward us left and right.... and every single day I feel like I am blessed to be a part of it. Plus I get to have all of you as some of my closest friends - many whom I wouldn't know without Thirty-One! I am so thankful that we are on this journey together.

My stats

Personal Volume: $1,017!

Total Parties: 3

Based on my stats for July, a consultant earning 25% commission would earn $254.25 in commissions. Because I chose leadership (and have all of you AMAZING ROCKSTARS as a part of Team K.A.L.E) I will earn $1,632.25! (With $1,000 of that coming from Lindsey Lawhon's promotion bonus, which you get once you have met the requirements for leadership for 3 months after promoting!) Ladies - I'm telling you - take the journey into leadership with me. The rewards, relationships, and financial benefits are amazing!

Based on our team and downline sales for this month a Director or above could earn paychecks (depending on their title) as shown in the chart below.

Director - $632 ($1,632 with bonus)

Senior Director - $930 ($1,930 with bonus)

Executive Director - $1,654 ($2,654 with bonus)

Senior Executive Director - $3,494 ($4,494 with bonus)

National Executive Director - $22,254 ($23,254 with bonus)

If you are interested in leadership - message me after reading this. I want to start a Leadership Group to help guide you to that next step! :)