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Hello Friends!! I got in my PC and I had tried my best to get rid of it, still get failure. Along with making my PC slow, it also has created so many other serious issues. My browsers behavior has totally get changed and sometimes Internet connection get lost without my approval. I'm so much fade up of all these things. So, anyone please help me in getting rid of this infection.

Big image is a nasty program belonging from browser hijacker family of virus that mainly attack into the PC through system loopholes, spam attached mails, free downloads, browsing suspicious websites, clicking on dubious links, etc and is capable to pollute all popular browser like Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Further, keeps its eyes on your online activities and can steal some sensitive information by using cookies, ISP, IP address, browser history and other relevant techniques with the intension of online fraud.

Further, can change all the previous settings of the browser together with its homepage and default search engine and can also add some extra strange toolbar, add-ons or extensions to the existing browser without the users knowledge and keeps popping up various pop-ups, advertisements on the website that you surf over Internet that can mislead you to unknown website that can even put more and more infections in the entire PC.

It also modify many important system files and settings like registry entries and startup files and corrupt window based files and programs. That's why, it should not be ignored for long time and must be obliterate. To remove, read this guide.