My Winter Break

created by slade ritchey

over break

over winter break i did some of my favorite hobbies as in playing games and other things but mostly I spent time with all of my family so we had to rent a party hall to fit my family so it was pretty fun but really crowded. On christmas eve I decided it would be best to hang out with my cousin and all we really did was play games and watch YouTube but it was still pretty fun. On christmas day we had a ton of gifts to hand out and I wouldn't say I had a favorite gift because all of them were great.One of the fun things was is that i wanted to try to snowboard but sadly that didn't work out for the best because when i tried to stop i landed flat on my face I wouldn't say it hurt but it stung a little because of how cold the snow was.over break my family decided that they wanted to go to colorado to see my moms aunt who sadly couldn't make it to the christmas party and when we got down there the first thing we wanted to do was try snowboarding but again that ended horribly for me after all that we saw my moms cousin and she was pretty cool i hardly knew anything about her because i haven't seen her since i was like 2 so yea.a couple of days passed an we decided to head home and i was kinda bummed out but i at least have the memory of going there.


sorry I didn't have pictures of me and my family or when I went to colorado but it was still a fun experience