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May 16th-20th


This week we looked at place value up to 1,000 and finding a rule and completing the number patterns. This week we will be moving on to fractions.


This past week we talked about Natural Resources. The students were split into groups of two and they had to find a way to show their knowledge and promote natural resources. There were posters, videos, and commercials!

Social Studies:

Next week we will be taking another look at continents. Our class will be participating in a Solutionist Project that will promote global learning. Students will be learning more about the seven continents and how we are all connected. Listed below are the highlights of this unit.

● The class will be divided into groups and assigned a continent focusing on learning about their continent’s schools, climate, wildlife, tourist attractions, transportation and homes.

● The class will also be using students of the World, websites, and other resources in our community to connect with people from all around the world.

● Groups will be using this information to create projects that will help convince people to move to their continent. At the end of the unit, each group will have a “Moment To Promote It” in a group presentation.

● All the presentations will be posted on our class website.

Upcoming Dates


25 - School Spirit Day - "Hat Day"
30 - NO SCHOOL -Memorial Day

3 - Field Day!
6 - Saga Gymnastic Shuttles - more info to follow
8 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! 4th Quarter Ends, EARLY RELEASE 1:20 dismissal, Bay Harbor Day - Wear your Bay Harbor apparel or school colors! Memory Book Signing

Wildlife Sanctuary Class Trip Video

On Monday, we had out field trip to the Wildlife Sanctuary. It was such a beautiful day and the kids had a blast! We started the day by walking around to look at all the exhibits. We then had lunch and finished our day with a program about the butterfly life cycle. It was such a fun day. You could tell everyone had a good time because when we got back we were all so tired (including me)! This awesome video was made by Stacy Labine-Mann (Shonn's Mom). :) I hope you enjoy!
2nd Grade Field trip to the Wildlife Sanctuary 2016

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