How To Bake Cupcakes

BY: Sophia K.


First things first:

Your ingredients...

-You could buy a cupcake mix or make it from scratch

-You need cupcake mix

-You need 2 eggs

-You need water

-Most of the time you need a 1/2 a stick of butter



-You need a mixer

-Mix it for a good 3 minutes

-Make sure you have a cupcake pan

-Poor the batter slowly into each cupcake holder

-Put the cupcakes in the oven for about 15-20 minutes


Lastly you need to:

-Pull the cupcakes out of the oven after they have been in it for 15-20 minutes

-Let them cool down for about 30 minutes

-After 30 minutes put any type of icing you'd like on your cupcake

Then.. if you want put any sprinkles you'd like

-Then Enjoy your yummy cupcakes!

Your Cupcakes Could Even Look Like This!