Alternative power sources

by: the Power

The towns of the great ocean road

These are turbine power creators that can produce a whole lot of power which is cleaner and much more effiecent than desiel. This will also limit pollution to nearly nothing. This will help stop the enhanced greenhouse effect.

Above are some of the tidal power turbines which produce a lot of power as the currents of the ocean are very powerful and it uses these currents to spin the turbines. The water flows throgh the turbine to create kinetic energy to move the turbines which create potential energy goes through pipes to create flowing electrons.

Wind power is exceptional for the seaside as the winds are extremely powerful and it can produce a lot of power.

So why renewable energy?

Because its: cleaner, more efficeint, benefitial, reduced pollution, reduced noise pollution and finall ythis power can be created by us using heat kinatic and potential energy.

All of which is created in nature and humans.

All of these are battery storage facilties. These facilities will hold the mains power and the extra power storage just in case of faulty connections during natural storms.

This is a power transformer station. Two of these will be set around your towns

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