World Religions Project

BY: Amanda Casillas


Christians believe in both God and Jesus. Therefore, they are monotheistic. Christianity started in the Middle East but has spreader a lot through out the world. They have a holy book called The Bible. Also, they're holy place originated in Jerusalem. They have a few major holidays for their religion like: Christmas and Easter. Nearly all Christians get baptized once in their life. It is their decision but it's apart of their religion. They sometimes also participate in communion like Catholics do.


Buddhism originated in India. It's also monotheistic. Buddhism has 6 major holidays: Uposatha, Makha Bucha, Vesakha, Asalha Puja Day, Kathina Ceremony, and Sanghamitta Day. Lumping is their only holy place and where it first began. Buddhism contains many practices and rituals. Some are meditation, Mantras(sacred sounds), and Mudras(symbolic hand gestures). Also, their holy book is called Tipitaka.


Hinduism is polytheistic because they believe in more than just one God. They have major holidays and festivals year round. Like Holi which is a very colorful festival that goes from February-March each year. Hinduism has many Holy places of where it has originated but they're is only one that is actually known and famous. The name of the it is called Varanasi. A lot of their rituals include various typed of yoga exercises. Hinduism does not have a holy book but they do have a scripture which is holy to them and is called the Vedas.


Judaism is Monotheistic and was also the first religion to fall under that category. Jews have many holidays but their most known was in Hanukkah which is during the Christmas time in December. Judaism's hold places include: The Western Wall, Rachel's Tomb, The tomb of Kind David, The Temple Mount, and Jerusalem. Jews have many rituals but some are Daily prayers, Birth and naming ceremonies,etc. Their holy book is called Tanakh.


Islam is a monotheistic religion. Island have many holidays but one of their major ones is Al-Hijra which basically celebrates the new year. Islamic has 5 major cities that are known as this holy places. These are: Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, Karbala and Najaf. Islamic has very few rituals but when it comes to their religion it is very important to them. Their holy book is known as the Quran.