Team Talk Tuesday

can you feel it????

I'm back!

Wow - being with girlfriends really fuels the soul. I just got back from a long weekend in Miami with some of my best friends in the entire world. I feel happy! Recharged! Refocused! Rested - nah…… but READY - Ready to push up my stylist Stella sleeves and get back to work. We laughed, we ate, we sipped, we danced, we soaked up the sun, we reconnected and talked.

And you know what it reminded me of?


Yes - we all need and dream of a few days away with our besties, but a trunk show is something WE get to OFFER to gals in between those months, years, or decades when those getaways are not happening.

We can give any gal we know or any gal we just met the gift of slowing down, sipping in style, and reconnecting with new or old friends over some pretty darn gorgeous accessories…. So get out there - offer those shows. YOU have a gift to give! The gift of girl time!!!! It honestly is the best medicine anyone could drink up.

The sun is shining - I hear birds! Spring is near!!!!!!! The snow is going to melt in PA with these mild temps this week - so send some warm up emails or texts or Facebook messages today. Pick up the phone tomorrow and Thursday. Leave messages that say - "Shoot - I am so excited to chat because I have a super fun idea I want to offer you. If I don't hear back from you I'll give you a ring Friday or over the weekendi". Then call back! March Madness is here….let's fill up those Mad Hatter trackers and get our calendars full of FUN Stella get-togethers and bling into spring!

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A little bird told me…..

Have your ears been ringing? I've been talking about YOU or someone has told ME about some pretty dazzling things you are doing!

  • Love how Laurie Falcon, Debbie Oddi, Jess Ehst, Ann Heffelfinger, Jothi Strohmetz, and Danielle Guarino all blitzed together! It is such a bravery booster...knowing you are picking up that phone to make phone calls at the same time as your teammates! Stella Power!!!!!
  • Megan Harkin, Kate Foster, Shannon Burgwald, Amy Pasqua, Miki Farnese, and Tracy Wilson are in some sparkly new pacing groups to inspire them to DREAM BIG and work towards some pretty awesome goals!!!!!!
  • Linda Lyons has set a goal and will not leave a trunk show without talking to AT LEAST one guest about the stylist opportunity! And she is having so much fun spreading the #sdjoy she often talks to two or three!
  • Pam Anderson is less than $500 away from selling $10,000 in her jumpstart! Say what?!?!?!? How? She has booked a ton of in home trunk shows, held her own "triple dip (she earned commission, hostess rewards AND jumpstart credits) set up at a salon (not many sales but two new booking in her jumpstart), set up at the rehearsal for her daughter's American Girl Doll fashion show, etc. She is also meeting me for coffee this week with TWO potential stylists (or more)! She is beaming with #sdjoy and it is contagious!
  • New Stylist Katie Super is on fire! She set a goal to reach out to FIVE gals on her chicken list….way to step out of your comfort zone! And cheers to sharing the #sdjoy with your hostess from this weekend and turning her show into her stylist launch. Yahoo for sponsoring your first stylist and welcome Yvonne!!!!
  • Jen Corson is having tons of conversations that matter! She is reaching out to gals near and far. She is talking about the opportunity with colleagues to become stylists in Germany and Ireland and just offered this chance to a friend who just moved to Georgia, too!!!! She also is ready to amp up her personal business and has set a goal to earn her 5% bonus with $2300 in sales EVERY month going forward. With FIVE trunk shows booked this March - I'd say you are going to BLOW that goal away!
  • Katie Ryan just became a stylist but is packing her jewels for her trip to Ireland this weekend and can't wait to show off our brand to friends and family there! She is booking trunk shows in tons of different social circles - her fun aunt, a close friend, and hosting on of her own in her Jumpstart!
  • Carol Leone is making it happen - she wants to meet more STRANGERS! So - she is setting up her jewels at a wine and painting place at least one Sunday this month and is pumped up to meet some gals at a Ladies Shopping event this week! Have fun doing a little raffle to collect their contact info and then the fortune is in the follow up!
  • Lindsay Huertas is stepping out of her comfort zone and getting to know the women in her new neighborhood - what a GREAT way to meet new friends, instantly book in strangerville and make your new town a little sparklier!
  • We've got some outside order queens on this team! Lori Resch reached out to men about Valentine's Day gifts and rocked over $600 in outside orders for her launch show last month! Miya Resseguie was determined to hit her Quickstart Bonus and reached out like crazy to collect over $1000 in outside orders BEFORE her launch show! Kim Menasion is wearing and sharing it on the go - reaching out to friends and family and coworkers as she works third shift as a nurse. She has qualified with outside sales every month since she became a stylist!
  • Jennifer Pasierb has been spreading her #sdjoy everywhere and having sponsoring conversations like it's her job (ok - it IS a fun "part" of our "job" as a stylist!). You know what I love? I love that she reached up to her upline, Ann, and they are having these conversations together! Three way calls are powerful - it's always great to hear two enthusiastic voices! Way to reach out to your tribe and show what a supportive community we are! Teamwork makes the dreamwork!
  • Kristy McKillop has been consistently rockin' her sales since she became a stylist and decided it was time to enjoy the fun and rewards of being a leader! She has been reaching out to new gals she meets and customers and hostesses from the past to chat about the opportunity. You are in your stella groove and shining as a leader!
  • Courtney Flowers is loving how empowered and inspired she feels after joining Stella & Dot. She rocked her quick start bonus and has THREE more shows in March! She is showing off her "mad style"…..and "mad joy" just like Danielle Redner!
  • Beth English knows that today is always a day to press the restart button! She took a little time off but is feeling the spring style fever and is taking action to make her who do you know list - and warm up and follow up with those gals! I have a feeling you are going to be sparkling and shining at trunk shows in no time girl!
  • All you Dazzling Gems need to meet up and take a group pic when you are inspired beyond belief with the awesome training you are going to get at Bootcamp in Stamford, CT! Have a blast Kathy Riccio, Tracy Wilson, Jennifer Smith, and Jen Corson! I am sure I am missing a TON of names in that list. "Welcome to Leadership" to these STARS who are going to enjoy some incredible a-ha moments the night before - Kelly Smith, Ann Heffelfinger, Laurie Falcon, Alison Maugeri.
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Need a little pick me up?

I adore the "life coaching" calls that can be found in the Training Calls section of SDU in the lounge. Here are some of my favorite recent ones.

Need a little 1:1 chat to fuel your mojo? Reach out to me and let's get a 15 - 20 min power pow-wow scheduled so you can MARCH into success this month with some ideas we will brainstorm together!

Save the date for our next local stylist meet up in April….we will have the Summer Line there for you to see!

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Better Late than Never!

Oh yeah - we DOUBLED and DAZZLED and got 2015 kicked off in style! Last year as a team we welcomed 24 new stylists to our team. This year with the sign up special we helped 65 take a stylish leap of faith and give life as a stylist a try. Congrats to lucky #27...

Laurie Falcon for sponsoring Katie Super

$100 in product credit is yours Laurie!!!!!

$50 in product credit is yours Katie!!!!

Let me know what you'd like to add to your display!

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