Mary Todd Lincoln

By: Julia Muegge and Jillian Kluge

Early Years

Marry Todd Lincoln was born on December 13,1818. Marry received an excellent education she attended a local academy and later went to a boarding school. Her father,Robert Todd was a merchant and politician her mother died when she was six and her father remarried and her stepmother did not like her. In the late 1830's Marry left home to be with her sister in Springfield,Illinois.

Contribution to the Civil War

During the Civil War Marry spent money even when there was a tight budget. She was accused of being a Confederate spy because her family supported the South. Mary was viewed as a selfish person because of all the money she spent redecorating and purchasing expensive clothing.

Life After the Civil War

After her husband was assassinated she fell into a deep depression and her son Robert Todd Lincoln sent her to an insane asylum but she was released three months later and never forgave him. Mary spent the rest of her days traveling Europe and later returned to Illinois and died in her sisters house on July 16,1882. Mary was buried with her husband in Oak Ridge Cemetery which is located in Illinois.

5 facts

No one in the white house liked Mary, she was emotional and outspoken. She was accused of being a confederate spy even after the civil war. Also, she was happy and energetic in her youth. Mary was the 4th child out of 7 children. She was Irish, Scottish, and English. Also, Mary was 23 when she married Lincoln and he was 10 years older than her.