VCR Lesson 4 Presentation

By Ann Hu

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Guess the word!

The colonies had a total of 50 _______________ who each exercised independent power in decision making meetings, however, they still made decisions on behalf of the colonists from their colony.


1. a governor or ruler exercising authority on behalf of a sovereign in a providence or colony

(Definition from Google)

2. a migratory orange and black butterfly that closely resembles the monarch but is typically somewhat smaller. The caterpillar feeds on willow leaves, and the adult mimics the unpalatable monarch.


vice (L.) "in place of"
rex, regis (L.) "king"

How do I remember this word?

Think of the root "vice" and how it means in "in place of". A vice president would take the place of a president in the case that the president died suddenly. A vice president is to rule on the behalf of the people, like a president.
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  • governor
  • deputy
  • representative
  • proconsul


  • monarch
  • dictator
  • Anyone who rules with complete power over the people/colony/province


Choose the letter corresponding to the sentence that incorrectly uses the word.

A) Some of the powerful viceroys of Dushan's provinces quickly made themselves independent.
B) The viceroy dog ran around in circles before it finally settled down.
C) Electorates in the American government are considered to be viceroys.
D) The Spanish viceroys gathered together every month after independently ruling several territories.