Green Angel


Task #1 - Chapter Summary

Green talks about the new friends she had. She had a new dog, a greyhound that she named ghost; a hawk that she fed and stayed with her; and a guy that she would never show her his face but she felt like she could trust him. She explains how she got these new friends and how they were everything she had.
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Task #2 - Vocabulary

  • Oozing - (Of a fluid) slowly trickle or seep out of something; flow in a very gradual way.

Book Sentence: Now that the dog was besides me, I noticed that her pawns were

singed, the skin patchy and oozing and black. (Pg. 62)

My Sentence: Blood was oozing from a wound on a scalp.

  • Muzzle - The projecting part of the face, including the nose and mouth, of an animal such as dog or horse.

Book Sentence: When the greyhound rested her muzzle in my outstretched hand,I understood why I'd thought she was sorrow. (Pg. 63)

My Sentence: The dog's velvety muzzle.

  • Ointment - A smooth oily preparation that is rubbed on the skin for medicinal purposes or as a cosmetic

Book Sentence: I called the white dog to me and she let me apply the ointment and wrap bandages around her pawns. (Pg. 64)

My Sentence: I used ointment to treat my wound

Task #3 - While I was reading...

  1. The question I thought about was if Diamond was one of the looter and if Green could trust him, because she didn't even know him when she let him stay\
  2. I think what may happen next is Green is going to fall in love with Diamond, because she seemed more happy since he got there.
  3. As I was reading I pictured Diamond working on the garden because Green talks a lot about him doing that.
  4. I made a connection to the world because there's people falling in love with other people that they really don't know that well.

Task #4 - S.T.E.A.L. Characterization


SPEECH - Diamond never talked in the story.

"I wasn't sure whether this boy had lost the ability to speak oe whether he had simply chosen silence"
THOUGHTS - He missed her mother.

"... the first thing s=he showed me was a small portrait of his mother that he'd painted. He carried the portrait painting close to his heart.
EFFECTS - He made Green feel like she wasn't alone no more.

"It was almost like having moonlight again"
ACTIONS - He was looking for her mother.

"A boy in search of his mother"
LOOKS - He looked mysterious, but even so, Green knew she could trust him.

"But I could feel him out there, even though he was dressed in all black, his hood drawn low so he could hide in the ashes and no one could see his face. Just a profile. Just quiet" and "Though I could barely see his face, I knew this boy was a diamond."