War Horse

By: Dom Jordan

Author: Michael Morpurgo

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A horse is born on a farm, his master named Albert loves him more than anything. But then comes a day where the horse now named Joey, is drafted into WW1 for transporting soldiers to and from the battlefield. Joey loses many beloved riders in the midst of combat; however, somehow Joey survives every encounter. Also Joey has a big brother named Topthorn, and together they make it out of the war, or do they?


Man Vs. Nature & Society. : Joey has many problems all through the war dealing with both nature and society. When Joey gets separated from his squad, he faces tough conditions from nature and at the same time deals with problems from getting called a "bad horse."


Very little is needed to make a happy life. -Marcus Aurelius.

Quote from book.

P. 90- Each night we spent in the lines up to our hocks in freezing mud, and in conditions far worse than that first winter of the war when me and Topthorn were cavalry horses.


This story is about a Horse- Joey.
For You: Keith Urban(with lyrics)

1st main character

Joey- Joey is a horse that has a beautiful brown coat and big eyes. And is a very well behaved horse.

3 character traits- Impossible, well behaved, and nervous.

2nd main character

Topthorn- Topthorn is also a horse that has a glorious black coat with small, black innocent eyes, and he is a little bit older than Joey, and also they look out for each other in the war.

3 character traits- unrelenting, afraid, and tough.

Extra Information

Most of the time the story takes place on the battlefield. Time period: WW1 1916-1917. Quote- "Do me proud Joey, do me proud." the bombs and Gatlings and guns symbolize the war that they are in.