The Glorious Revolution

Matthew Pope

What was the Glorious Revolution ?

The glorious revolution was a time period in which King James the II was overthrown by William and Mary.

Oliver Cromwell

In 1649 British Parliamentarian Oliver Cromwell beheaded Charles the I for treason and subsequently took his throne. His rule was promised to be beneficial but ultimately turned into a big mistake. He transformed England into a Military dictatorship and took most rights away from the civilians, eventually driving the economy into a downward spiral. After his death he was seceded by Charles II who had been made to flee when Oliver sacked England (he was the original heir).

Charles II in relation to The Glorious Revolution

After the beheading of his father by Oliver Cromwell, Charles II fled to France with his brother James. After Cromwell's death in 1659 England's throne was vacant and with no apparent heir to Cromwell. Parliament then invited Charles II back from exile where he remained ruler.

James II Denial of the Throne

Protestant nobles had Parliament pass acts excluding Charles II’s Catholic brother James from succession to the throne. As a consequence of the stalemate, Charles did not summon Parliament over the final years of his life, and James did succeed to the throne in 1685. Unlike his brother Charles, James boldly stated his religious preferences of Catholicism which caused for an eventual uprising against him.

William and Mary vs James II FIGHT!

English factions decided the solution to James II Catholic revolution would be to use his own daughter, Mary, and her husband and their protestant beliefs. Due to increasing tensions with Holland and France, William as leader of the Dutch military unit was in a difficult situation, with the notion that James II would enter the war on the side of France, William was on the verge of war. When William arrived at England with the Dutch army James II had already defected and decided to flee back to France.... deja vu.