Dress Down for Santa Shop!

St. Gabriel School - Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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Special Dress Down Request from Elf on the Shelf!!

Can you believe it?! We just received a special request from Elf on the Shelf to please, please, please let St. Gabriel students and staff dress down in Christmas Spirit attire for tomorrow's Santa Shop Day! How could we say no to that?!

So tomorrow, Wednesday, December 9, we will be having a School Christmas Spirit Dress Down Day. All students and staff may dress out-of-uniform, following guidelines below, and following the “Non-Dress Uniform” guidelines on p. 14 in the Handbook.

  • Gym shoes or school shoes - no sandals, hi heels, or flip flops
  • Nice jeans or long pants or slacks - no shorts, no sweatpants, no knit or yoga pants, no jogging pants with holes or rips in them, no shorts,
  • Girls no leggings or tights, unless with skirts or tops over them to mid leg.
  • Tops
    • short or long sleeve shirts or sweaters- no sleeveless or tank tops or sleeveless sports jerseys, unless worn over or under a shirt with sleeves
    • may be spirit or Grizzly wear t-shirts (t-shirts can be worn over turtleneck shirts or other shirts), or any nice shirt, with Christmas themes and spirit if possible!

Have an enjoyable, merry day of shopping!

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