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December Newsletter



1.Hanukkah is similar to Christmas in that it is a time when families gather, share blessings, food, music and traditions. Both holidays are rooted religious beliefs.

2.The celebration lasted 8 days for a historical reason. When the Maccabees reclaimed the Holy Temple, there was only enough purified water to keep it lit for one day. By some miracle, the light burned for eight days.

The Interview With . . .


1.What are some traditions you have for Christmas?

2. Do you celebrate anything else besides Christmas, like Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.?

3. What are some gifts you would like to receive?

4. What are some memorable memories you had about the last few Christmases?

5. What's your favorite thing about teaching?



1.I invite friends and family over and have competitions with each other, like seeing who can hop up the stairs the fastest.

2.No, I don't.

3.More time with friends and family.

4.Getting up early, making special breakfasts, and watching the Christmas parade.

5.The kids I work with and help out.


1.Spending time with friends and family, and switching gifts with each other (Secret Santa)

2. No, I do not.

3. New robe and UGG boots.

4. In 3rd/4th grade I got an easy bake oven and couldn't wait to make brownies.

5. Teaching reading, seeing the students progress, and finally knowing how to read.

Debate Title Of The Month



  • Work can be assigned through computer, phone, etc.
  • Students can still attend school when absent.
  • There won't be a lot of make up work for the student's absence.
  • Teachers won't have to take attendance anymore.
  • The student won't be able to talk to his/her friends without the teacher noticing.


  • Not all work can be assigned through the computer.
  • Teachers will have to take out class time to connect to the student.
  • Not all students will want to attend school when absent.
  • The student might feel uncomfortable being the center of attention.
  • Students might pretend to be sick to stay at home.

6th Grade Student Poll Results

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Tram, Normari, Linh, & Eniya

  • 6th grade students from Mrs.Whitaker's Language Arts class.