Student Progress! New SLT Membes!

September 16, 2020

Academics and Parent Communication

Managebac: Today, all parents are invited to log into Managebac to view student progress. Managebac is where students and parents can find information related to the IB Units of Study. It also provides important summative and formative assessment scores. Summative assessment scores are used to determine the overall (final) grade in each content area. Parents will receive a report card with these overall grades in early November. In the meantime, a progress report with effort-only scores will be shared in a couple of weeks. Effort scores are intended to communicate engagement and initiative but do not directly influence final grades.

If you are new to IB grading and you were unable to attend one of the IB Parent Nights, you can view the presentation here.

Google Classroom: Google Classroom communicates weekly summaries related to your child's classwork. Summaries share Missing Assignments, Upcoming Assignments (Due Next Week), and Class Activity. It is a lot of information! Here are some pointers:

- Remind your child to click "Turn In" after turning in an assignment so that it does not inadvertently become listed as "missing."

- Sit with your child and have him/her show you around each "class." You will see that lesson plans and other items are listed under "Materials" and that "Assignments" are shared when the teacher intends to provide feedback.

- If you're concerned about anything you see, email the teacher.

Teachers have received feedback about how much information you are receiving in your weekly summaries. We are working to streamline information and provide only the most salient details. If you are receiving information that is not helpful, please contact the teacher or send your concerns to Kristen Karably at

Renfroe SLT

We are happy to announce that Arlo Pittman and Nancy Green were elected to the Renfroe School Leadership Team. Congratulations! The Next SLT meeting will be Thursday, September 24th, at 4:00 PM. A Zoom link will be available shortly.

News from the DPN

The Decatur Parents Network is hosting a virtual Indie-Flix screening on Sunday, September 20th, entitled The Upstanders: Resilience and the Power of Connection to End Bullying. Click below for more information.

Congratulations to RMS Extra Mile Award Nominees!

Students nominated David Hirshorn, Ashley McCullough, Karen Flowers, and Jessica Murray for CSD’s Extra Mile Award. Congratulations!! To view the video for all the nominations, click here.

CSD School Nutrition

The school nutrition department is expanding their meal service program. Beginning this week meal service will be available to all CSD students free of charge. In addition, all children who are 18 and younger (or under the age of 21 for youth with special needs), may participate regardless of being a CSD student. Families are still asked to complete the pre-order form to participate in the program.

Also, we need all schools to remind their parents to complete the free and reduced lunch application. This form is required to be completed yearly. The application can be accessed in the parent portal. CSD Meal Services 2020 Flyer

Please Update Your Family Information

The annual data update for families begins now. Parents/guardians will receive an email inviting them to complete the update from the parent portal before September 15th. So far only 30% of CSD families have completed this task!!

This video walks you through the process.