Hello, Parents!

Technology in the Classroom

How It Works

In class this week, the students are learning how technology can be helpful in the classroom. The three things I like to use are Top Hat, wordpress, and youtube. These three resources help to facilitate new ways of learning in the classroom and connecting the students outside of class.

Top Hat

Top Hat is an interactive learning interface. Top Hat is a very effective way to review for a test with the whole class. I post a question on the board using the projector and the students can use an electronic device to respond. Top Hat gives great feedback to the teacher so they know how many of their students are picking the right answer and what topics need to be reviewed.


Wordpress is the main forum in which I communicate with the class. I use Wordpress for our class website. I post daily announcements, what we are doing in class, and nightly homework. Wordpress is a great way for parents to know what is going on in class each day.


YouTube is a great resource to use because the students really enjoy it. After I am done teaching a subject I will find a related video to reinforce what they have learned. Students really like videos and youtube is a great source for educational videos pertaining to things I teach in class.