what do you think of mexico?

Mexico fact:

did you know that mexico was founded over 20,000 years ago

Mexico fact:

maíz es el más producto de comida=

Corn is the most of food, in spanish

about mexico

Mexico has a area that is humid tropical, mass 12% of mexico. Its not just all dry i and boring but some places it is but most of mexico is a flat unforeseen grassland. Mexico has some of the most polluted air. Some places are poor and dont have clean water or electricity,also has dirt roads.Unlike the modern places like mexico city.

day of the dead

Friday, Nov. 1st 2013 at 12pm to Saturday, Nov. 2nd 2013 at 12pm

in mexico

its were they sella brate there dead ancestors

Brenito Juárez

He was the first mexico's first president. got rid of the special courts. then he was elected governor until 1852. then he was a lawyer again
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