St. Joe's News ~ November 2018

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Adventures in Pre-K!

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Here's what's happening in Kindergarten!

We are continuing to learn new letters and sight words. In Reading, we will explore the different types of tools we use, the shapes we see around us and the different types of bugs we see. The children are learning how to track print and how to decode three letter words. In Math, your child will learn to count and write the numbers 1-20. We will continue to work on ten frames. Please make sure your child starts at the top left and moves to the right on each ten frame when practicing. We look forward to meeting with you for report card conferences that will be held on Thursday, November 7th. We thank you for your continued support and thank you to those of you who attended our Field Trip. We had a great time! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Vacation, (November 21-23) with your families.

Exciting things are going on in First Grade!

The 1st grade classes have been hard at work and have settled nicely into our daily routines. We have been very busy learning the McGraw-Hill Wonders reading and My Math curriculums. We have enjoyed reading the stories in our series, as well as books from our classroom libraries. We have learned many new high frequency words and phonics skills, which have helped improve our reading skills already.

This month, we will be discussing what we are thankful for. We will also be discussing Thanksgiving and the importance of friends, family, and community. The students are excited to learn about the very 1st Thanksgiving. First graders will also learn about the importance of Veterans Day and why we celebrate it.

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Second graders make new friends and learn about owls!

Third Grade is flying by!

Thank you to everyone who came to Open House! October flew by for us. In ELA, we have been working on restating answers to questions and finding text evidence. We are continuing to learn our multiplication and division strategies in math. We finished up our science unit on the Power of Flowers and have begun a social studies unit on map skills. Be on the lookout for Parent Conference Sign Up sheets in your child’s folder. Report Card Conferences will be held on Wednesday, November 7th. Please start sending your kids to school with a winter coat, a hat, and gloves. We will continue to go outside for recess unless it is below 20 degrees out and lately recess has been very cold!

There is A LOT of learning going on in Fourth Grade!

We have been working very hard in Fourth Grade. We visited the House of History and learned about candle making, weaving and Vice President Wheeler was from Malone. We have also been learning lots of new things in class!

Ethan Allen-Hall learned water can break rock.

Mark Santamore says tsunamis can take out houses.

Thomas Cota learned about hurricanes.

Irie Letham made fortune tellers for Growth Mindset.

Madison Brockway learned about natural disasters.

Hailee Brand learned how to weave at the House of History.

Cooper Hungerford learned about Vice President Wheeler at the House of History.

Ashton Patnode learned about who named the town of Malone.

Rachel White learned how to prepare for natural disasters.

Brayson Thomas learned about earthquakes destroying houses.

Isabella Ducatte is drawing on tinfoil in art.

Marley Perry learned what tsunamis are.

Carson King learned the properties of subtraction and addition in Math.

Luke Scott learned how to put back books by the number on their spines in library.

Jacob Gale learned place value in math.

Zada Snyder learned how to prepare for a Lockdown

Emilee Brockway says fact families are for multiplication and division.

Ben McKee learned about natural disasters.

Alex Smithey learned how to compare and contrast using Venn Diagrams.

Brooke Greenwood learned comparing and contrasting using a Top Hat Organizer.

Jake Riley learned how dividing and multiplying are related.

Anastazia Pearson learned place value.

Kai Massaro says school is fun!

Jailin Filion learned how to throw over hand in Gym.

Hunter Dumas wants to learn more division than he knew in third grade.

Alyvia Preve learned about Jimi Hendrix in Music and how to put books in the right order in Library.

Sylvia Leandro is working on sequencing the events in a story.

Liam Harte learned about Expository Text.

Wilson Sanger learned about tsunamis and earthquakes.

Here's what's happening in 5th Grade!

October has been another month of exciting activities! The 5th graders

have been working hard in all areas! Students were given the

challenge of creating the tallest tower out of newspaper and masking

tape that could hold up a basketball. We are currently about to begin

our science unit on ecosystems and biomes. We will be creating

replicas of an ecosystem in a bottle. Don't forget to ask your child

what they are doing in both ELA & Math!

Physical Education News for October

Physical Education News for October

Kindergarten through second grade: The students just finished up a locomotor/movement unit where the students learned how to perform basic locomotor skills like jumping, skipping, hopping, galloping, jogging, and running. The students also learned about different pathways and directions they can travel in the gymnasium such as zig zag, straight, curved, left and right.

Third through fifth grade: The students finished up a soccer unit where they learned the basic skills of soccer, such as, dribbling, shooting, passing, trapping, and the soccer throw in. The students also learned some basic soccer strategies, learned how to work together, and come up with team strategies through communication.

Physical Activity news: It is recommend by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention for students to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Students who are physically active tend to have better grades, school attendance, cognitive performance (e.g., memory), and classroom behaviors (e.g., on-task behavior) according to the CDC. Higher physical activity and physical fitness levels are associated with improved cognitive performance (e.g., concentration, memory) among students according to the CDC.

Physical Activity Opportunities in Malone

  • Malone Rec Park

  • YMCA

  • Malone Bowling Ally

  • Go hiking try Elephants head

  • Titus Mountain

  • Walking in town

  • Bike riding

  • Go try soccer, baseball, softball, football at one of our local fields

  • Go ice skating at Malone hockey arena

  • For more Physical Activity Opportunities check out the website below


A message from our Reading teachers!

Just a reminder…..

Guidelines for the St. Joe’s Reading Incentive Program 2018-2019

Theme: All the Places You’ll Go! (Dr. Seuss)

  • The Reading Incentive Program will start on November 2nd and run through the first week in March.

  • Reading logs will be sent home and filled in by students and parents. They should be handed in to homeroom teachers on Friday mornings.

  • Minutes will be added up on Friday mornings by homeroom teachers.

  • Students’ pictures will be on “Thing 1” cutouts that will be moved through 5 levels of Dr. Seuss hats. Hats will be located in the hallway leading to the LMC.

  • Moving through the levels: PK, K--100 minutes 3—200 minutes

    1—150 minutes 4—220 minutes

    2—170 minutes 5—250 minutes

  • Each time a student reaches this number of minutes they will move to the next level and receive the prize for that level.

  • Prizes will be handed out on Fridays. Students will need to have their reading logs at school in order to claim their prizes.

  • After a student has moved through all five levels, they will receive a certificate that will be placed in the hallway and a book.

  • Even when your child has moved through all the levels, encourage them to keep reading because each time they move through all of the levels again, they will get a sticker on their certificate. Each sticker will give them another entry into the drawing for the big prizes that will be given out at the beginning of March, during our Reading Spirit Week.

Coming Events:

November 7th - Report Card Conferences - 11:00 AM dismissal for students

November 9th - District wide Emergency Go Home Drill

November 12th - Veteran's Day - No School

November 16th - MFT Free Family Movie Night - 6:00 PM - Middle School

November 21st - Native American Day - No School

November 22nd - Thanksgiving Day - No School

November 23rd - Thanksgiving Recess - No School

November Birthdays!

Emma Patnode, Jrake Marcotte, Irie Letham, Trinity Hall, Jacob Button, Leland Oliver, Cierra Collins, Sadie King, Jesse Peterson, Mark Santamore, Kennedy Stewart, Landon Boyea, Neven Harvey, Brynn Bonesteel, Brinley Winters, Zander Snyder, Braedon Jenkins, Sofiya Hart, Brody Malley, Isabella Brown, Lily Root, Mary Rose Tavernier, Liberty Hoseler, Miss Gordon
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