Cinder Cast

By: Anyka Bumgarner

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Cinder: Anna Popplewell

Cinder is a girl with a secret! She is a cyborg and a great mechanic! In my mind Cinder is a young woman who has brown wavy hair that is really long. Anna Popplewell has the perfect look, and hair. Aesthetically Anna Popplewell is the perfect Cinder.

Queen Levena: Jana perez

aesthetically, she is perfect for Levena. She has the skin tone, and beautiful hair that make Queen Levana stand out. She is middle aged, and looks like a ruler. That is why I have cast Jana Perez to play Queen Levana.

Adri: Cate Blanchet

She has played many evil people. She has the blond hair I picture adri having, and she is experienced with playing the evil step mother because she played it in Cinderella.

Peony: Elosie Webb

She is light and happy. She looks like a girl who is filled with joy, and is the perfect visual for peony.

Sybil Mira: Sophie McShera

She looks like a mother, and she has the hair and eyes that I am looking for as Sybil Mira.

Garan: Ben chaplin

He looks like a father, and he looks smart. He has the the black hair, and blue eyes I envision Garan having.

Emperor Rikan: Derek Jacobi

Derek Jacobi is older, and he is nice looking. Those are the qualities of Emperor Rikan. He is old, and nice. Derek Jacobi also looks wise just like Emperor Rikan is wise. That is why Derek Jacobi is perfect for the role of Emperor Rikan.

Pearl: Holiday Grainger

Has the blond hair like Cate blanchet, and has played an evil sister before. She also looks like I envision Pearl.