Team 7 Newsletter

October 21-25

Student Led Conferences

Student Led Conferences will be help Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. If you have not signed up for a time for your conference please contact your student's Cat Time Teacher.

Language Arts--Mrs. Martin

Students will continue preparing for Unit 2 by focusing on the essential question: How do events in characters' lives influence their point of view?

To help students understand point of view, we will first take notes on different narrative points of view, and then work through a few activities to make meaning of the information. Students will conduct a scavenger hunt in which they look through the literature book to select stories of their interest, and record evidence to determine the point of view. Once their understanding of the different points of view (first person, third person limited, and third person omniscient) are solidified, students will create a short comic strip depicting each point of view with narration and dialogue.

An assessment will follow with simple definitions, and the opportunity for students to rewrite a well-known story (or one of their own) in a chosen narrative point of view.

To end the week, students will begin reading our first text of the unit: "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street" which is a tele-play of a Twilight Zone episode. We will likely begin by viewing act 1 of the episode, and then reading to aid students' understanding of the time period, and the concepts of irrational thought and point of view.

Monday: Notes on Point of View, Point of View Scavenger Hunt, Point of View Comic Strips

Tuesday: Point of View Activities continued

Wednesday: Point of View assessment and rewrite

Thursday: Begin "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street"

Math-Ms. McGehee

This week students had fun working on their Action Figure Scale Drawing Project. Students worked in groups to determine if companies should redesign action figures so that their bodies are more proportional. I have included pictures of students working on their projects. The last day for students to work on projects is Monday.

Next week we will being Module 2, which will cover working with positive and negative numbers. Students will receive a new student packet.

Overview of next week,

Monday-Finish Project

Tuesday-Number line review

Wednesday- Philosophical Chairs activity

Thursday-Mod 1 Lesson: Reviewing Opposite Numbers and making 0

Friday-Mod 1 Lesson 2: Adding Integers

Students will receive problem sets after each lesson this week.

Measuring the Action Figure

Drawing a Human Version of the Action Figure

Social Studies-- Mr. Beles

We have just wrapped a busy week here in Geography. We worked on a variety of notes and one PowerPoint assignment that will be taken for a grade, with the final due date due this Wednesday 10/23. Those items will help us prepare for our 80% activity coming up this Monday (10/21). Students will be creating an infographic explaining different concepts of climate change and what our earth is being affected by. About half-way through the week we will start another unit, which is Latin America. We will begin with a few basic concepts to become familiar with the region, and then go on from there.

I will also begin grading our warm-up activities to ensure that everyone is participating. Every day they will come into class and write in the journal I have provided them after reading instructions on the board. This is just something more structured to get their brains going, but if students are completing them and putting in effort, it will enhance their learning be easy points toward their grades.

Monday: Begin U.S./Canada Infographics

Tuesday: Finish U.S./Canada Infographics

Wednesday: Begin Latin America with Interactive Notes

Thursday: Continue LA Interactive Notes

Science - Mrs. Brown

Welcome to the new nine weeks. We are still working through our ecology unit looking at biomes and cycles of matter. Next, we will cover resources and living things. We will be reviewing for our Chapter 2 assessment on Tuesday and then starting chapter 3. There is a test correction template available for test corrections for students is they need one, please have them talk to me.

We are also focusing on refreshing our understanding of classroom expectations so our classroom continues to be a safe and productive learning environment. I am looking forward to seeing some of you at conferences and sharing your students successes with you.

Monday - Chapter 2 review

Tuesday - Chapter 2 assessment

Wednesday - Begin Chapter 3 Lesson 1 - environmental issues.

Thursday - Finish up lesson 1