8th Grade ELA

Great Resources for Your Students to Use in My Classroom!

Padlet (Wallwisher)

Padlet (also known as Wallwisher) is an application on the internet that allows students to post thoughts, opinions, and responses on common topic wall. Students can even write electronic sticky notes and post them onto the shared digital "wall". These notes can incorporate pictures, words, text, and even address links. This is a useful tool for class discussions and responses regarding a common topic. In my English Language Arts classroom, I use Padlet so that students can have online discussions regarding the novels they read in class. This gives them the ability to post their thoughts about the novel, while sharing useful information with each other. I think that this is a helpful tool to all students because it is a way for them to collaborate with one another in an efficient way.


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Prezi is a presention tool (much like Microsoft Office Powerpoint), but instead of slides, allows for one large canvas that pans and zooms to various parts of the canvas. This allows the canvas to show the emphasized ideas that are being presented. Students and teachers can use this tool to create presentations that are appealing to the eye, engaging, and informational! My students use this frequently to present there vocabulary terms in groups. They enjoy using this tool because it is more engaging and creative for them.


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Educreations in a downloadable app that acts as "recordable whiteboard".The app records your voice, handwriting, and gives you the ability to insert pictures. By doing this, you can produce your own personal video lessons that can be shared to other teachers, students, and even the school community! I use Educreations to provide my students with extra help and support. Because of this application, I can create mini lessons for my students to watch at home in order to get a better grasp on the content. This also helps me better explain information to students with disabilities, so that they can receive the extra support they need through direction and personal video lessons.
Educreations Tutorial