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Pear Deck

Pear Deck Premium Discount for 4T Participants!

Sign Up for a Premium account by 04/30/16 and get 2 months free on Group or School Quotes. Go to peardeck.com/pricing, select your plan, and mention “4T & Pear Deck!” to receive your discount.

With Pear Deck, create interactive lessons and formative assessments to reach every learner, every day.

How Does Pear Deck Work?

How does Pear Deck Work?

Google Integrations

Seamless Google integrations make it easy to invite your Google Classroom to your lessons, save files to Drive, and link every learner with his or her Google Apps for Education Account.

Find out what an active classroom looks like at peardeck.com.

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Thank You to our Conference Sponsors

This conference is free and open to all K-16 educators because of the support of our partners and sponsors. We want to thank Peardeck, Blackboard, Literacy and Beyond, Madonna University, MAET program at Michigan State University, Central Michigan University Doctorate in Education Technology (DET) program and MAME who has giving their support to the 2016 conference in a big way! Please visit their sites and thank them for supporting our amazing no-cost conference!

4T Conference Partners

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