What's it got to do with me and PD?

What is E-Learning?

You may think that e-learning is the use of videos to aid in classroom discussions. It is so much more than that! E-learning includes not only the use of media to aid in instruction but also a variety of authentic and engaging activities that put into practice what you have learned. Technology has changed so much that E-Learning has become the present and not something of the future.

Why Would I Choose E-Learning for Professional Development?

Teachers lead busy lives. We spend some of our free time, some quite a lot actually, planning lessons. Most of our day is spent teaching. Finally, but not the least important are our own pesonal lives. E-Learning allows for more flexibility to participate in professional development while doing all of the other wonderful things that we enjoy in life. Here are a few more reasons why E-Learning is benefical to your personal PD:

  • Location, Location, Location! You don't have to live in larger cities to access specific professional development opportunities. Technology lets it come to you!
  • Now! You are able to access the content for your PD at any hour of the day. For the most part, you don't have to wait for a specific time to log on to your course. You just logon and there you have it.
  • Save that extra textbook $$$. Quite often, all of the resources you need are provided in digital format. This includes videos, articles, and other forms of media at no additional cost to you.
  • The wait for feedback is over! When completing activites online, the feedback is prompt! It might even be within seconds. Say goodbye to waiting for assignments to be sent by mail, graded, then sent back by the instructor. You even get to have feedback from your peers, when appropriate, which is so valuable as a learning tool.

What Are You Waiting For?

What are you interested in? An additional AQ, ABQ, workshop or other professional development activity? Check out ETFO, they have lots of opportunities available. There are also other organizations and universities that offer professional development that is geared towards teachers. The Ontario College of Teachers also has information on their website that provides a list of accredited AQ providers. The Canadian Wildlife Federation also has professional development programs geared towards teachers as well as do many other organizations. So, what are you waiting for?