Air pollution in China

Assignment done by Ella Haydock Yr. 7

What is air pollution?

Air pollution is the introduction of harmful substances or products into the air and environment, such as ashes and airborne chemical residue. Air pollution can be measured in in the atmosphere as a concentration e.g. Micrograms/m3. Ambient air data is used to determine the quality of the air and to establish the extent of air pollution and potencial health risks. The readings of Pollution in China is 41 m3.

Is air pollution bad in China?

Yes China is ranked as the 23rd worst country for air pollution with levels of 41m3 according to WHO.

- 99% of China's 560 million city dwellers breathe air considered unsafe by European Union standards

- air pollution is particularly bad in northeastern China

- a study by WHO estimated that the amount of airborne suspended particles in northern China are almost 20 times what they consider a safe level

- in some parts of China the pollution in the air is so bad that when the sunrises the sky is brown due to all the pollution in the air

- many people in China become ill due to these horrific conditions and there has been some statements over the past of people being affected so severely that they have died

What can China do to help the current situation to become better?

- be more careful with what they are using to fuel the country

-substitute natural gasses as fuel instead of coal

- shut down some of their coal- fueled power plants

- accelerate the scrapping of older highly polluting cars

- reduce their dependence on coal

central and northern China are enveloped in smog due to the outrageous amount of pollution in the air

China is affecting the worlds weather in a negative way, infecting the air with constant smog and pollution is bound to make and effect on the rest of the worlds weather.

How is China affecting global weather?

China is affecting the weather on a global scale it's almost unbelievable how large the extent of the weather is warped by China.

According to researchers, China's pollution is responsible for large cloud build up and also some major cyclones in the pacific. The serious amount of pollution in the air makes a huge impact on the global weather with clouds building up in large masses causing floods and creating cyclones. This not only makes an impact on the earth but also on the people from China and around the world.

During the last 30 years the clouds above the pacific Ocean have grown deeper and storms have become stronger by approximately 10%. This is also in the same timeframe as the economic boom in Asia.

Because of China's air pollution there has also been an effect on American weather, punctuating storms that are strong and damaging buildings and houses as well as the occasional vicious Storm that can include cyclones and/ or snow.

Natural and human causes of air pollution in China

China has quite a few reasons for air pollution done by humans these are mainly large powerplants and factories producing products day and night constantly letting out ashes and other waste into the air, this is mainly coal ashes as Chinas energy is created by 70% of burning coal for fuel is a lot compared to America relying on coal for only 40% of its energy.

For the natural causes of China's air pollution there are far fewer reasons as China doesn't have very much forest left due to all the cities, residential and commercial buildings this means that little if not none of China's air pollution comes from smoke from forrest fires and there are no volcanoes in or near the cities of China where the pollution occurs, this means that natural reasons for pollution in China are very low if not none as there are no natural causes that could easily occur in China and its cities.