BHHS Media News

December 8, 2015

New Copier

The new copier has arrived! Everything switched over from the old one. All of your codes are in the system. Until Shannon can come by to fix it, you will have to enter your copier code if you try to print to it. Please remember that you can print from your computer to the copiers in the lounge, room 311 and the media center. It is cheaper to print to the copier than it is to print to one of the HP printers. Anita and I will be coming around to your classrooms during your planning period to add the lounge copier to your list of printers on your computer.

Staff Luncheon

Our next staff luncheon will be on Thursday, December 17th. Due to benchmark testing, we will have lunch in Brittany Moose's room. Our theme will be finger foods and appetizers. I will share a google doc sign up sheet with everyone later today. We hope that everyone can make it. Hopefully, some of the chorus students will be present to share Christmas carols with us.

Snapshots in the Media Center

"Free" Discarded Books

Please come by and check out the books that we have removed from the collection. They are located on a table beside the circulation desk. Feel free to take them and give them a new home.


  • Computer lab 203 is now available for classes to sign up to use. I have added it to the Computer Sign Up google doc that I shared with your earlier this year. It is at the bottom of the list. There are 32 computers. Please make sure that you have students shutdown the computers and clean up after themselves. This is a shared space so we all need to be responsible for taking care of it. If you have any problems with the computers, please let me know so that we can get them fixed.

  • Projectors - Please make sure that you are turning off your projectors during your planning period. These bulbs are very expensive. The county does not always have them in stock.
  • Please be aware. The computer labs have been booked for Benchmark Tests the week before Christmas and Testing Tutorials the week after Christmas. Please keep this in mind when you are working on your plans for the rest of the semester.

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Join our book club, The Story Collectors, as we read the national best seller The 5th Wave. This is one of the hottest titles in young adult literature. The movie based on this novel is scheduled to come out January 15, 2016. Our next meeting will be on Monday, December 14th. Below, you can view the movie trailer.
The 5th Wave - Official Trailer #1 (Chloe Grace Moretz & Nick Robinson)