Girl Online

Book Project By: Kearstin Groff


Penny- Creative, Clumsy, Awkward, Anxious.

Noah- Musical, Singer, Guitar Player, Cool headed.

Elliot- Gay, Funny, Childish, Feminine.

Ollie(The walking selfie)- Mean, Cocky, Rude

Charecter Description

Penny is clumsy, awkward, and anxious. She gets nauseous when she goes over bridges or even a simple flight because of her anxiety.she falls and shows her underwear to the whole school at a play and she cant talk to people.

Now Noah is different. Noah is a musical genius who is cool headed and sweet.

Elliot is a happy-go-lucky gay boy who makes friends easily. he is also very feminine Ollie(the walking selfie) is rude and ignorant. he is the schools Satan.


Girl Online is about a girl named Penny who lives in London. Penny goes with her mum (who is a wedding planner) to the United States for a wedding. There she meets Noah. I cute edgy teenage boy who plays the guitar. He was the entertainment for the wedding and he was also related to the bride. Noah and he start getting along and then they started a relationship. Noah Helped Penny with her anxiety and he was also very accepting and calm of the fact that she knew nothing about America. Penny then later has to go back to London and she finds out that Noah actually is famous and he has a record deal and he never told her. He also had a girl that walked around pretending to be his girlfriend. She gets upset and he wont call her back until she goes to the beach and sees him there.

More Info


Sugg writes "I've missed you Inciting Incident' he whispers." (Sugg 344) This quote show importance in the story because Noah calls her his inciting incident for the last time in the story. Also it adds to the suspense on what will happen in the next book.
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Author Backround

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg was born March 18th 1990. She is a British Fashion icon and also a beauty vlogger, and now a well known author. In November of 2014 her novel "Girl Online" was released. It broke the record in highest first week sales. The first record of fist week sales started being recorded in 1998. One night Zoe Sugg was alone in her apartment and she decided to make a YouTube channel out of boredom and Zoella was born. Her brother Joe Sugg and her boyfriend Alfie Deyes are both popular on YouTube Along with Zoe. Now she has two very popular books out to buy.


Girl Online Trailer | Zoella
Zoella introduces Girl Online