Team Townline Tabloid

October 2016

Calendar of Events:

October 3: No School (Rosh Hashanah)

October 4: Middle of Trimester 1

October 5: PTO Meeting at 7:00PM

October 7: TL/DL Family Fall Fest ($2 per person) 6:30-7:30

October 12: No School (Yom Kippur)

October 15: PTO 5K Fun Run

October 17: Midterms go home

October 20: Bears v. Packers Spirit Day (Go Packers!)

October 21: Bus Evacuation Drill (during the school day)

October 21: 5th grade Principal for a Day Essays Due

October 24: Red Ribbon Week Starts

October 28: TL Spirit Day (wear blue and yellow)

October 31: Halloween Parties

Curriculum Department Information

Updates to Hawthorn Curriculum and Resources

For the last two years, Hawthorn staff and administrators have been working on ensuring alignment of our curriculum with the most current sets of standards in Illinois and create a new Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum. As of September 1, 2016, Hawthorn’s curriculum websites have been updated to include our new units of instruction in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies which are being implemented this year across the district. Our related arts and physical education teams are working on completing the same work this fall and those units will be updated as they are drafted. We continue to follow a curricular design framework that emphasizes Big Ideas and Conceptual Understandings in order to prepare our students for the future and “Embrace learning in an ever-changing world.” Illinois learning standards have been organized into this framework which has proven to improve learning for students. Hawthorn has a tradition of continuous improvement in the area of curriculum and instruction and will continue to revisit and enhance these units as time goes on.

New Handbook of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for Parents

In an effort to provide our community and parents a more comprehensive view of Hawthorn’s curriculum and programming, the Curriculum Department has authored an electronic handbook. It can be downloaded through iTunes for free or a PDF can be downloaded to any device. In the handbook, parents can research anything related to Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. Parents and community members are encouraged to provide feedback or any additional questions to Dr. Lisa Cerauli, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, as there will be revisions to this handbook on an annual basis.

Parent Curriculum Oversight Committee

There are a few spots open on our new Parent Curriculum Oversight Committee. Please email Dr. Lisa Cerauli if you are interested in becoming a member. The group will meet three times per year on a schedule determined by the group at our first meeting. This group will be providing feedback and suggestions to the Curriculum Department as we continue to enhance our Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum.

Curriculum Websites Updated

The Curriculum websites at have been updated this summer to reflect the most current information and resources that we have to support our parents and community. Please take a look!