Blue Sucker

By Autumn Blankenship

This is a picture of what the Blue Sucker looks like

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The Scientific and common name

The scientific name for this particular fish is Cycleptus Elongatus. The common name for this fish is Blue Sucker.

In places like the state of Texas blue suckers are threatened and in Minnesota they have special concerns.

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There's hundreds of blue sucker fish still alive you can find hundreds if you go fishing.

Facts about the Blue Sucker fish

- This species appears to inhabit only the larger streams, primarily in the Missouri and YellowStone rivers.

- The largest weight for this species in Montona is slightly over 10 pounds.

- The home of the Blue Sucker is in Montana.

- The Blue Sucker has a back and sides that are a dark blue to a dark olive, and a white underside.

- Blue Suckers prefer warters with low turbidity streams.

- The species feeds mainly on aquatic insects.

Reason why the Blue Sucker fish is declining

Their habitat has been reduced by construction of dams and siltation.

Reason why the Blue Sucker has increased in the population.

The Clean water act resulted in large improvements in habitat and water equality , the Blue Sucker reappeared in the Mississippi river upstream.