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News From The Nest. - August 2021

Dream BIGGER - Create Legacy

ABC's & 123's - We are off to a wonderful start at LaFayette Elementary. We are beaming with excitement to have our students back on campus to begin our school year. Life's norms are changing, however, we are making neccessary adjustments to keep our students and staff safe so we can have face to face instruction. Thank you for the outpouring of support for supplies and wish list items for our classrooms you have graciously purchased for our school.

The work we accomplish at LES is a direct result of a community of support, a staff passionate about teaching and dedicated students. We cannot do this without our families and community. We are grateful and very blessed that you support TEAM LES!

This year's theme is Dream BIGGER - Create Legacy. We will partner with local agencies and community stakeholders to teach our students about Growing, Harvesting and Giving. We will have outdoor gardens to teach about growing plants, herbs and flowers. Classrooms will tend and harvest their crops. We will be learning about enterprise and serving our community and nation. We look forward to sharing more about this with you as we begin this amazing Legacy Project.

As always, let us know how we can serve you! We are ready to assit and support your child as they complete their educational journey at LES.

Leave a Legacy - Principal Smith

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This year LES will use PIKMYKID system each day for afternoon dismissal. More information is available in the newsletter links. Please watch the parent information video and register your children for Pikmykid. We have included instructions for how to register on any device. Follow the link below to register your child. You will be given two car tags for your children. If you need additional tags, please let you child's teacher know. You MUST have a car tag displayed in your front window in order to pick up your child. Otherwise, we will ask you to park and provide a proper ID. This procedure is essential for safety and efficiency as we dismiss students. If you have delegated someone to pick up your child that does not have a smart phone, please ensure they have been delegated properly and request a car tag for them. If they do not have a car tag or they cannot announce, they will have to park and come into the building. (They will need an ID, and be wearing a mask.)

Please follow the procedures below daily during dismissal. Failure to adhere to our procedures may result in you having to park and pick up your child inside the building. This also slows the car rider line significantly for others.

1. Any delegations or transportation changes must be made prior to 2:50 pm daily.

2. Enter the car rider line from HHH road. ALL others will be redirected if coming off Hwy 401.

2. When arriving at school, open your App and announce your child. (You cannot announce until 2:50 pm daily.)

3. Display your child's car tag in your front window.


5. DO NOT Pass cars in the loading area! We have students that load on both sides of the car and this is a safety concern.

6. Once in the car rider circle, avoid cell phone use as it is unsafe.

7. After your child is loaded, please ease off carefully and be aware of anyone walking in the parking lot.

PikMyKid Parent App Training

Watch this short video to assist with using the PikMyKid App

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Harnett County Students will receive FREE Breakfast & Lunch during the 2021-2022 school year. Students will have a "Grab & Go" Breakfast daily. They will pick up their breakfast as they enter the school and eat in their classrooms. Students will pick up lunch in the cafeteria and eat in their classrooms as a safety precaution. We hope to eat in the cafeteria for lunch soon.


Students are allowed to carry a cell phone to school in their backpack. The phone must remain in their bookbag during the day and be turned to silent mode. The phone may not be out on the bus or during car rider. Smart watches such as a Gismo, must be disabled if worn to school. If the watch or phone becomes a distraction, the student will receive a warning as a minor referral that is sent to the parent. A 2nd infraction would result in the watch remaining in their bookbag for the remainder of the year. A 2nd infraction with a phone would result in the parent picking the phone up from the office.
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Eagle Beak Breaks

LaFayette Eagles K-5 will wear a cloth face covering during the day while on campus. Each student had the opportunity to receive 5 cloth face coverings/masks provided by the State of NC. (We still have a supply of masks available) Cloth face coverings must also be worn by teachers, staff, and visitors. Face coverings are also required on buses or other school transportation vehicles, inside school buildings. (Unless students are participating in vigorous activity.) Students will be able to remove their mask during outside recess or outside PE.

Students will have Eagle "Beak" or Mask Breaks throughout the day and during breakfast and lunch. The schedule will be shared by the grade level teacher once the Master Schedule is complete.

A cloth face covering will not be placed on:

- Anyone who has trouble breathing or is unconscious

- Anyone who is incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the face covering without assistance.

-Anyone who cannot tolerate a cloth face covering due to developmental, medical, or behavioral health needs. (Documentation for this accommodation will kept private for each child or adult)

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Sept. 6 - Labor Day Holiday

Sept. 8 - BOG for 3rd Grade Students

Sept. 10 - Citizenship Program for Students only

Sept. 13 - Title I Curriculum Night for K-2 @ 6:00 pm

Sept. 14 - Title I Curriculum Night for 3-5 @ 6:00 pm

Sept. 21 - Ident-a-kid

Sept. 24 - Early Release Day at 12:30 pm

Sept. 30 - Red Carpet Event to recognize Summer Reading for Students only

Parent Question & Response Form

Please type your questions on the form and we will do our best to get you a prompt answer.