Welcome to First Grade!

Mrs Harrison's Class Newsletter

Can you believe it, where have the years gone? Your child is in First Grade!

The warmest welcome possible to this amazing year. I am so looking forward to getting started; are you? I know you will likely have hundreds of questions buzzing around your head about the next few weeks. Hopefully this newsletter will answer at least some of those questions.

What are we going to do in class?

For the first few weeks working on our new class routine is going to be important. Where to hang up jackets; where our rucksacks should go; what we need to unpack; where to sit and how to sit nicely; putting our hands up to talk; when to listen and so on. As you can see it is quite a list!

Reading and Book Sharing

We will be a reading classroom! Books are going to be very close to our hearts. We will be doing daily story time in class, as well as beginning to learn our letter names and sounds. We will be using the Jolly Phonics program, more details about this can be found here.

I will also be sending a picture book home for you to share with your child each Friday to be returned the following Monday. Details to follow. Reading at home gives a huge boost to your child's learning. Click here for some hints and tips.


We will be working on our numbers from 0 to 20. Learning their names and what they represent. We will count up and then count back again. We will then move on to adding and subtracting within 20.

A Little Bit About Me

Getting to Know Each Other

The first thing that you will notice about me when we meet is that I am from Scotland, a tiny country in Northern Europe, that is very beautiful but also very cold (brrr). In Scotland I ran a book gifting program that gave away over 300,000 books to children every year. Can you tell that I LOVE reading!

I have a degree in Psychology, where I focused on Child Development. I moved to Houston with my husband two years ago, to study for my Master's in Education and to gain my certificate in Elementary Teaching.

I have a wonderful grown up son, who is studying in Vancouver. I love animals, books, walking, travel and the outdoors. I am very much looking forward to hearing all about you and your child's cultural heritage and backgrounds, your likes and dislikes too. In turn I will tell you all about kilts and haggis!

My Contact Details

You are important to me! I believe that your child's education is going to be a team effort and I am so looking forward to getting to know you and your family. Please feel that your child's classroom is also your classroom. I hope to welcome as many of you to our room as possible. Feel free to stop by and say 'Hi', at drop off and pick up times. Do phone or email me as well and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I will also be looking for parent/guardian class helpers and speakers, so please don't be shy and put your hands up to get involved! More information to follow...

My husband, me and our dog Lily!

As you can see, I love animals! I would love to hear about your child's pets, real or imaginary! Feel free to bring in pictures to share at carpet time.