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February 15, 2016

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Congratulations 5th Graders!

The following 5th grade student submitted an essay as to why they thing "Music Unites the World." Sponsored by Education Through Music, these students will be taking a field trip to perform with students from 16 other schools on March 8, 2016 (mark your calendars 5th grade team!). A special thank you to Ms. Ricks for providing our students the opportunity to participate. SO EXCITING!!

Veronica Calzada

Amber Castaneda

Emmanuel Garcia

Carola Hernandez

Selena Hernandez

Anaya Johnson

Juan Pablo Morales

Gisselle Moreno

Rosie Montes

Andrew Torres

Tamara Uribe

Carol Vasquez

Alternates: Gael Gonzales, Alexandra Vasquez

Stoner Campus - Possible UTLA Public Demonstration - Wednesday, February 17

This Wednesday, staff and families at our co-located district school may be participating in demonstrations outside of our shared campus in the morning before school. The demonstrations have been approved by the school district, but do not involve our school. For more information, you can read the notice here.

As of now, Stoner Ave. does not appear to be on the list of schools participating. However, we wanted to let you know just in case. We will also notify our parents via blackboard message tomorrow.

PD Opportunities - Please Take Advantage!

We've got some funding left over for Professional Development and would love to give you the opportunity to select your own PD based on your own professional goals. Each teacher has been allocated around $500 to spend on a professional development opportunity. LACOE PD's have been known to be engaging but you are by no means limited to them. Here is the schedule if you want to check them out HERE. When you find a PD of interest, let us know and we will guide you through the sign-up process.


1) What does the $500 cover? Registration fees and occasionally travel costs

2) Can I use the money for more than one PD? Of course! If you do not use all of the money for one of the PD's, you can certainly look for another one.

3) What happens if I don't use the money this year? Use it or lose it unfortunately

4) What if I find something that is more than $500? We can discuss...

5) Does the $500 include subbing fees? No - that will come from another source

6) By when does the money need to be spent? May 1 - Anything you sign up for must be occurring before July 1. Please make your selection before May 1.

One more thing -- MS Teachers, you will be attending a PD on 4/20 for Restorative Behavior Management -- mark your calendars! ES Teachers -- if you are interested in attending this PD, let me know and we will get you signed up as well!

Instructional Material Requests

If there are instructional materials you would like for your classroom, please let us know. You are never expected to spend your own money on supplies/materials for your classroom (within reason of course). Please do not hesitate to ask before making a purchase. The answer is almost always YES!

Admin. Trio Out - Thursday, 2/18

All 3 of us (Pope, Fennema, Buczek) will be out on Thursday. In the case of an emergency or behavior support, please let Ms. Vera, Mrs. Madere, or Ms. McCarthy know and they can help you out.

MS Behavior

We hope to complete these talks this week. In the meantime, please remember the importance of consistency, patience and if you must send a student to the office for any reason, please be sure to fill out an office referral form first. This is only negotiable in emergency situations.

Office Referral Form

May be completed online or by paper (see the pink referral forms in your hardcopy VIP binders) but please be sure to submit either one when a student is referred to the office.

Office Staff Location Schedule

Here is our tentative schedule this week...
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Coming Up This Week...

Monday, 2/15

  • No School - President's Day

Tuesday, 2/16

  • 7:30 - Pre-conference: Dodd
  • 8:35 - FORMAL: Dodd
  • 12:00 - Post-Conference: Tzul
  • 5:00 - Parent Meeting Regarding MS Swim Unit
  • 6:00 - Boys JV Basketball Game @ Berean Church

Wednesday, 2/17

  • 7:30 - Preconference: McCarthy
  • 8:00 - FORMAL: McCarthy
  • 8:30 - Fennema Out - Standards Based Grading Meeting
  • 1:30 - ICEF Cadre (Locations TBD)
  • 5:00 - Girls Varsity Basketball Game @ Crozier

Thursday, 2/18

  • Buczek Out
  • Fennema, Pope Out - Instructional Specialists Meeting
  • 8th Grade Cap/Gown Photos
  • 5:00 - PowerMyLearning Parent Engagement Workshop - Supporting Common Core Readiness
  • 6:00 - Girls JV Basketball Game - Berean Church

Friday, 2/19

  • 7:30 - Preconference: Clark
  • 10:15 - FORMAL: Clark
  • 1:00 - IEP - Andy (Rosenberg)
  • 3:00 - 8th Grade Fundraiser

Buczek's Tentative Schedule

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Word of the Week


(n.) participate or become involved in

Instructional Focus - Response to Behavior (2.2B)

Please remember that behavior consistency is deeply important the functionality of your classroom. Thank you for continuing to keep your cool, even in the most frustrating situations. It is SO much easier said than done.
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Trait of the Month - Fun-Loving

Light-hearted and lively

Here is a link to the google doc:

Student of the Month Submission

Supervision Reminder

We are still looking for extra help on the yard (major shout-out to those of you who have already volunteered!) A few reminders for when you're on watch:

  • Be super VISIBLE (walk around, stay standing, avoid being hidden by students coming to speak to you)
  • Be super VIGILANT (really look around, walk over to groups of students that are huddled in the far corners of the yard, walk past the bathrooms several times, and please no cell phone use during supervision).

Supervision Schedule 3 - 8

2/22 - Pupil Free Day

2/23 - 3-8 Fire Drill

2/28 - S2 Progress Reports Go Home

2/29-3/4 - Read Across America Week

3/2 - Student of Month K-2 (8:45)

3/14 - Pi Day

3/15 - End of Trimester 2

3/19 - Athletics for All

3/21-3/25 - Parent Conferences

3/23 - College Day

3/25 - Student of Month/Fun Friday (3-8)

3/28-4/1 - Spring Break

Links to Important Forms

We have included links to some of the important forms you will use at Vista below - but they are also included in the virtual VIP Folder!

Peer Observation Form

Remember to make a copy and share with the observee AND admin.

Detention Form

This one is super important for helping us keeping track of which students have detention on which days. Please submit every time you assign detention.

Office Referral Form

May be completed online or by paper (see the pink referral forms in your hardcopy VIP binders) but please be sure to submit either one when a student is referred to the office.

Technology Concerns Form

To request help from our Tech Guru Mr. Jesus Villareal!

Maintenance Request Form

To request help from our Maintenance Guru Mr. Bernard!

SST Referral Form

To request the convening of a Student Success Team to support a student with sustained difficulties in the area of behavior, academics, attendance, and/or physical/mental health despite documented targeted interventions such as tutoring, parent contact, etc.

504 Referral - coming soon! (Speak directly to Mrs. Pope or Mrs. Fennema in the meantime)