Bullets and Ballots

By Julian Leclerc

The Groups That Were Involved

The groups that participated were: Guerillas, Peasants, United States, Rich/Military, Government

Shift of Power

Power shifted very much in the game, at first the military and rich had the most MSUs and that was their advantage. On Day 2 the rich/military were still in power but, on Day 3 power shifted drastically, it ended with the Government having most of the MSUs and the peasants having

Corruption and Conflict

Throughout the game it seemed like every group was in conflict. Guerillas and Rich/Military were constantly arguing and fighting and didn't try to make peace with one another.

Role of U.S. in the Simulation

Putting whoever they thought was more beneficial into power

What happens when power shifts

Power shifts can make a country go into civil war or it can lead

into a time of peace. The outcome can be positive or negative.

Relation with my life

This can be related to my real life when I work in a group. Sometimes I have conflict with people in a work group over how the work is being balanced. Another example is how in a project me and my group work together to get the work done faster.