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Tyaion Triplet 2A


One problem from the book is Anthony comes home from boarding school and his mother tells him he cannot go to the school because its expensive and his financial ran out. I would like for an alternate ending is Anthony get to stay at the school.

Down in the Dumps

One character I would get rid of is Mookie because they don not give a lot of detail about him.

Fab 5's Fav

Brody - '' They can't hear us... but they fear us... put your trust in old gus ... and don't be so serious...." He is telling Anthony to stop being so serious and relax.

Alex- '' but we've strayed off topic our mission is to devise a plan not mock the bird.''

He's saying get back on topic.

Face to face

1) What were you feeling when your friend got shot?

What I was feeling when I saw my friend dead on the ground was no not him.

2) How did it affect you?

It didn't hit me until it was after the New Year that he was really gone. But it effect me horrible.

3) How did your mom feel about you going to school all the way out in Maine?

My mom was actually cool with going to school in Maine but I was the real one not wanting to go to the school.

4) What were you thinking on the way down to Maine.

I thought that I was going to be the only minority at the school and I wasn't going to make no friends.

5) Did your perception change about the school?

Yeah my perception change about the school when I got off from Christmas break and I met great friends on the way.

6) Who was your friend?

I had people I talk to but the to main person was Brody.

7) Tell me something about Brody.

Brody was a funny dude he smoked a lot but he was a chill dude to be around.

Best seller

Black boy White school was a interesting, funny, and controversial book. The main character was Anthony a black boy from East Cleveland. Anthony run into some issue in his home town his gets shot and he almost had the same encounter. Anthony gets accepted to a school to a school in Maine and he runs into some issues. Anthony has a chill attitude but some stuff he can get pissed about. His relationship around the other character is quite an character.