U.S. Midwest Region

By: Ryin, Daryl, Ascha, Loki

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Some neat places to visit!

I would like to visit the black hill's because the black hill's look really cool.An interesting fact about the Midwest is that the Midwest has very few trees and lots of grass.There are twelve states in the Midwest is one of the biggest region.

Products and Climate

Hi, my name Ascha and I'm going to be going to tell you about the Products and Climate in the Midwest. First, I'm going to tell you about the Climate. The midwest has warm wheather a lot and no warm wheather nearby the ocean. Now I'm going to tell you about the Products in the Midwest. You will find the corn belt in the central plains. The wheat belt in the Great Plains produces most of the wheat in the U.S. Also grass grows quickly in the Dairy Belt. Dairy Cows in the Midwest produce much of our milk, butter, and cheese.

Natural Resources,Landmarks,Culture

Soil is the most important in the midwest region.The landmarks are blackhills forest,jewel cave,slepping bears dunes,scotts bluff,agate fossil beds.The miodwest is located in the middle of north america.Many cultures and nations have tried to change and control the region. The food of the midwest is simple. The wheat belt in the great plains produces most of the wheat in the us. There are lakes , rivers, hills, plains.St.Patricks Day is an irish festival that is celidrated all over the world.Midwest produces most of amerigans grain. The midwest has a large population of german.Swedish people brought lutefisk,leftse, and meatballs.
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Landforms and Water in the Midwest

Hello I am Loki I'm here to talk to you about Landforms and Water. The Great Lakes, Mississippi River,and Ohio River are examples of water. The Great Plains and Black Hills are examples of Landforms.