1/6-1/20 Edition Coming Soon

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everybody had a great holiday and feels refreshed for new year. I am excited to get things going as this is usually one of the most productive times of the year. We've got lots of exciting things planned, and lots of work to do!

Social Studies

Today we sighted land and my time travelers were very excited! They have been on the ship in some very rough seas for the last four months. Many of them became ill, but everybody has survived. There are many decisions to be made in the coming days. Where will they land? Where will they build their colony? How will the colony make decisions? Who will lead? They are looking to others who have made similar journeys for direction. Books about Jamestown, Plymouth Rock, and the Mayflower have been very helpful. This unit of study has really been fun! The writing they are doing in their diaries is amazing.

Just a reminder that we will be going to BizTown this coming Monday January 12. The students all have their job assignments and are really excited about the trip. Please be sure that your child has a lunch packed in disposable containers.

Language Arts

Writer's Workshop

We are still working on our informational writing.Each student has chosen a topic from Colonial Times or The Revolution that they will become an "expert" on. They have been researching their topic and taking notes that will help them with their piece. There is much to learn about gathering information, digesting it, and putting it into your own words. We have learned to use a double entry journal to record the information gathered in research, and to write it in words that reflect an understanding of that information. It is not an easy task. In addition they have done a " quick draft" and are now searching for additional information to develop their piece.

We have also begun Word Study and I am seeing a big improvement in their writing already. Spelling has improved as has the mechanics. I think they had just forgotten to use all the skills they have in their everyday writing.

Reader's Workshop

We are still reading non fiction and have learned some strategies that are important when reading this genre. Staying focused, monitoring understanding, reading with vigor and purpose, are a few of the practices they are developing. Everyone misses reading fiction in the classroom, and that will come back soon, but in the meantime they are learning skills and strategies that will help them with the research they will be expected to do in the coming years.


Today was the first day of our new unit on fractions. We are beginning with a week of review so that we are sure they have the foundation they will need for the more advanced operations. Everyone seemed excited about fractions, and they built on each others ideas as they reflected on what they had been taught in previous years. It was a great beginning! We will also be revisiting multiplication, division, decimals, and " The Power of 10" in the coming weeks.

Personal Message

I can't even begin to thank you for the very generous gift I received from the class! It was totally unexpected. I consider myself fortunate to have such wonderful children to work with everyday. That is a gift in itself! Again thank you so much.

Elaine Giglio