SMART Introduction Course

A series of 8 Video Tutorials

Yes, because you're SMART!

This course is designed for the beginner SMART notebook user. Feel free to move at your own pace through the videos, and also do not hesitate to contact me at for any questions.

SMART Notebook 11

At the time of the making of these videos, the SMART notebook software version had reached just over 11.3.

Shall We Begin?

Video 1 - The Adaptive Toolbar

As the title suggests, the toolbar within SMART Notebook software can be modified to meet your needs. Please have a look at this video to learn more.

SMART Notebook Introduction - Video 1 - Adaptive Toolbar

Video 2 - Toolbar Customization

This video will show you how to fully customize your toolbar, so that your work is streamlined. Enjoy!

SMART Notebook Intro. - Video 2 - Toolbar Customization

Video 3 - Page Sorting

This video will demonstrate how to sort pages within notebook software, view dual pages at once, as well as how to pin a particular page while forwarding through other pages.

SMART Notebook Intro. - Video 3 - Page Sorting

Video 4 - Adding an Internet Browser

Learn how to insert an internet browser right inside of your notebook. This is fairly cool...

SMART Notebook Intro. - Video 4 - Internet Browser

Video 5 - The Gallery

If you have about 3 days to spare, you should have a look at the Gallery. Really. It will take you that long (and maybe longer) to exhaust all the resources there.

SMART Notebook Intro - Video 5 - The Gallery

Video 6 - Interactivity

So it turns out this is the reason for SMART software. Let's get those kids out of their seats!

SMART Notebook Intro. - Video 6 - Interactivity

Video 7 - Uploading Files

Make SMART notebook your one-stop-shop by uploading all your lesson files directly into it.

SMART Notebook Intro. - Video 7 - Uploading Files

Video 8 - The SMART Exchange

You love SMART Notebook, but you don't have time? Well, no problem! Go to the SMART Exchange, and download ready-made lessons.

SMART Notebook Intro. - Video 8- SMART Exchange

A Condensed Version

Feel free to access this Google doc for a more compact version of these lessons.