Santanu Nandan Dinda's paintings

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Santanu searches for expression through art, & for him; art is a spontaneous and joyful celebration of life. It encourages his creativity. Having traveled to different parts of India his paintings reflect the true essence of Indian rustic life. He thinks that art is an ever-changing, unpredictable journey. Santanu's paintings bring forth spontaneity to the subject that he chooses to depict. His paintings have a touch of expressionism in pulsating vibrant colours. The bold lines and bright colours, enhance the meaning of his paintings in an appealing manner & blends different colours producing harmony and symmetry in inimitable style. His expressionist approach gives the painting a unique style which depicts a living picture of the rustic life of India with simple subjects that readily appeals to the classes as well as the masses.

Price starts from INR 50,000.00

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797, New Sita Ram Dera

Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

PIN: 831009


Mobile: +919204058659

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