Aerospace Engineer

Wonderful money, incredibly fun job

Information about the job

Aerospace Engineers design and build aircraft, spacecraft, missiles and other things like that. You can work for the government and make a good retirement working for them since making missiles for the military would be an option for an Aerospace Engineer, or if you want you could participate in making the first spaceship to go to mars, all things that have to do with flying are built by Aerospace Engineers could you even think of a better job?

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Aerospace Engineers

On top of all the wonderful things that you get to do in this field it also brings home not to shabby of a pay check that is at average 103,720$ a year, but you have to go to college and graduate with at least a bachelors degree. only downside is it is expected to grow only 7% 2012 to 2022 witch is slightly slower then average but not bad, so if you get good grades or go for the extra two years to get your master you will be fine

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