Mr. Kirk's Class News

May 22nd, 2017

Hello All! We are getting closer to the end of the school year and our class auction! Please send in any items you may come across in the near future. Our auction will be next week!

100% cotton White T-shirts are also needed for our tye-dye Field Day shirts.

May 23rd- VA Studies (County SOL)

May 25th- Science (County SOL)

Please make certain your child is at school each day on time, classes begin at 8:20 am. If you need to make appointments, please schedule them late in the day.

Here is the link to the testing calendar for each grade level.

Important Dates/Events

Wednesday, May 31 - Tropical Smoothie Night 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Thursday, June 1 – Yearbook Issued

Monday, June 5------1:00 pm Dismissal for Students

Tuesday, June 6 - Field Day--------1:00 pm Dismissal for Students

Wednesday, June 7- Last Day of School-------1:00 pm Dismissal for Students

Field Day is scheduled for Tuesday, June 6th. We would love to have parent participation and need your help. Please click the link below to sign up to help on Field Day. Thanks to each of you for making this day possible. (Run: 05/08 – 05/12)

We are Learning....


We will be reviewing all concepts and strategies in the upcoming weeks. Do expect some classwork to come home as well as some homework.


Students should be reading 30 minutes a night, and I encourage you to stop them and talk about what they are reading :) Reading should be fun! I do not mind what they are reading as long as it is not too hard, or too easy. We talk about "just right" books in class. Reading Aloud to your student is encouraged as well. Modeling is important for students to see how exciting stories can be. Be a SuperHero, READ! is our school-wide theme this year!

VA Studies/Science

We will be reviewing Science, as well as completing our last unit of VA Studies: Products and Industries. We will complete a project that students will bring home.

Things needed in the classroom:

  • Things for our end of the year class auction. Students get to use their tickets that they earned in various ways (behavior, working hard, following directions, etc.) to bid on random items I have. Thank you to those who have donated. Bringing in anything throughout the year is greatly appreciated. It is something I started last year and the students loved it!

Other Notes