Stair Cleaner 2.0

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This new advancement has been developed to help you clean one of the most difficult places in your home...the stairs. With the stair cleaner, there will be no need to get a large vacuum out and tidy up. The Stair Cleaner does its job all on its own, just click in the power button and watch the device work!

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  • The advanced design allows it to maneuver up and down stairs. The way the Stair Cleaner 2.0 works is simple.
  • It has suctions surrounding the entire device, allowing it to grip onto the stairs and clean any excess dirt or filth. Since the vacuum has the powerful grip, it will not roll down the stairs and cause damage.
  • The two wheels assist with movement as well. It also has motion detectors that enable it to know where it's going. This guarantees any noticeable mess will be cleaned.
  • There is no need to worry about the power button cutting on and off, it works by pressing the button in and then it remains in until it's pushed out.
  • When the two caps are removed, a bag is revealed on the inside which can be replaced whenever necessary.

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