Robert E. Lee

The Early Years

Robert E Lee in the early years. Robert was born in Stratford hall, Va. He was educated by the united states military academy. Robert had a mother and a father, his dad's name was Henry lee and he did during the revolutionary war. His mother's name was Ann and died at the age of 56. He joins the war at second lieutenant and worked as an engineer.
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Contribution To The Civil War

Robert e lee was a general in the war. He and his army won the second battle of Bullrun. He after the war surrendered his team to the union.

Life After The Civil War.

Robert e lee soon after the war he left the army and became a president of a small collage in Lexington. Robert e lee a month into the school year suffered from a stroke and died at the age of 63. People in Robert e lee's old collage that he taught at hold a memorial every year devoted to him and his services.

Interesting Facts!!!

1. General for the Confederate army.

2. Born January 19, 1807

3. Died from a stroke :-(

4. Died on October 2, 1870

5. Beginning rank in the army was Major General.

6. Highest rank in the army was General.