Louis Armstrong

his life and times...

Satchmo....Pops....The Father of Jazz

Early Life

  • Born July 4, 1900.....really 1901 (now proven) in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Was surrounded by music as a youth
  • Sang with friends on the street for money
  • The courts sent him to reform school - shooting a blank gun into the air
  • Joined their band - played in parades and at picnics
  • Started playing his favorite instrument - the coronet
  • Went back home after 2 years at Colored Waif's School
  • Mom worked 10 hour days at coal yard

His Music

Some of Satchmo's Recorded Works

His first hit:

"Heebie Jeebies" (some nonsense words)

Later works

"Mack the Knife" (1956)

"West End Blues" (1928)

"Hello Dolly" (1964)

"What a Wonderful World" (1968)...Mrs. Slagle's personal favorite!

"I've got the World on a String"


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