Let's Break A Guinness World Record

"Most people attending a business speed networking event"

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Your Organization / Small Business Is Invited To Partner To Break A Guinness World Record On New Year's Eve

WomenPartner.org is inviting business people (women and men), chambers of commerce, Shop Local groups, professional groups, networking groups, publications, business schools, women's business centers, coffee shops, etc., to join forces on New Year's Eve to break a Guinness World Record for "Most people attending a business speed networking event" (multiple venues).

It's a fun way to end the year before you attend your evening New Year's Eve parties so you can jumpstart 2015 with new business.

Current Record For Single Venue: The most people attending a business speed networking event was 487 and was organised by Entrevo Limited at the Mermaid Theatre, London on 17 October 2014.

Assigned Guinness World Record Minimum Requirement To Set New Record: 5 venues; overall total must exceed current single-venue record (487). In short, we have to give 5 in-person speed networking events simultaneously with a minimum of 488 people. We'd prefer to have a total of 500 people. They've provided the steps we must take to properly document the events and acknowledge participants.

We don't just want to meet the minimum requirements to break the record. We want to shatter it so that anyone tries to break our record has to work extremely hard. WomenPartner.org doesn't have to personally give the speed networking events. They can be held by anyone around the globe. All of the events must start at the same time and they have be documented with photos and video.

The New Year's Eve speed networking event won't take you away from your evening activities. It will take place during the day. After the event, there will be an online afterparty for participants who want to meet the business people from the other events.

Organize A Speed Networking Event As A Media Opp To Draw Attention To Your 2015 Projects Or Become A Co-organizer

Facebook and other sites have successfully used Guinness World Records to market themselves. Together we can break the current record and generate a ton of local and online press to gain attention for our individual business interests. It can be used as a ....

  • membership drive
  • client generation opp
  • business launch
  • etc.

You can become a co-organizer of one of the events already planned by gathering 10 of your business associates. Perks for organizers and co-organizers include ...

  • spotlight in the press release sent to the media after the event;
  • information about their business sent to the participants from all the events;
  • press release about their company published on WomenPartner.org;
  • and business ad in the directory of participants given to all the attendees.

If you are interested in organizing or co-organizing a speeding networking event, email jerrilynnbthomas@womenpartner.org. The events must be free but you can have vendors and you can invite your associates to become co-organizers. The event must have at least 25 people in attendance.

You can request to become a promotional partner if you don't live in one cities where an event is planned and you are not up to organizing an event. You simply dig through your connections who live in Metro Atlanta, Chicago, Denver and DC and share info with them about the events.

Sign Up As A Participant & Bring A Friend Or Two

They will be held on December 31, 2014 from Noon to 3 PM Eastern, venues TBA. Participation will be complimentary.

About WomenPartner.org

WomenPartner.org is a business site that facilitates collaborative business relationships between business and professional women who want to share the cost and time of marketing to grow their female client base.

It creates large scale collaborative projects designed to help business and professional women cross pollinate their knowledge and contacts so they can grow their female client base in Atlanta, Paris, Sydney and every other major city around the globe using the local resources already in place.

The driving force behind WomenPartner.org is Jerrilynn B. Thomas. She was inspired by the quote “Alone We Can Do So Little, Together We Can Do So Much” by Helen Keller to plant the seeds of business collaboration between women to help them grow their profits.